HELP! Harmony wallet hacked

My harmony one is hacked when I woke up this morning with all my rewards claimed and transferred. So guttered. My staking has been undelegated, and I’ve just redelegated them. What can I do now? How do they get hold of my private key? I’ve been using this one wallet for > 1 year. It’s a chrome extension wallet and I just found out that it’s been discountinued.

Thats really sad to know bro…

Yeah chrome extension wallet is no longer valid

Chrome extension wallet are discontinued. Using them now is a bad choice. Pls be updated with latest wallet news going further.

The team should’ve notified user to switch on their staking website or in twitter. No warning at all until I logged into my harmony wallet today.

Also , it looks like some people who have migrated their account to metamask was hacked too.

Didnt knew that metamask user also hacked .

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This is true actually

Saw this today on twitter

This might be useful to the team looking at this. I looked at my explorer and it took 30 + minutes from start of transaction to the transfer of funds from my wallet. Either they have an extremely slow connection or each transaction requires a bit of coding.

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I transferrd my ONE to exchanges, as i had no clue after chrome extension discontinued news in which wallet i had to transferred.

Hey bro stop using chorme extension wallet. Use metamask or trustwallet instead.
My favourite is Trustwallet.

Anyone know about bitkeep wallet ?

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Yes, what is the issue ?

Literally the same thing is happening to me as we speak…Metamask and It’s the only time I’ve really checked my account since the summer when I got Metamask

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Yes, indeed i have mentioned already that someone could have put malicious code in the harmony wallet since the uploaded versions in repo dont match the tags:
1-Who was uploading the Harmony Wallet chrome extension?
2-Proofs of fbi involved?
3-Who were the harmony members having the compromised private keys which got ‘hacked’?

So you should send your funds to a new created metamask wallet so the private key its new and not exposed to the one who was uploading the hmy wallet, which we dont know who was yet.
Anyway im pretty sure that after RongjianLan leaved, there is not any hope of harmony getting bullish again, this is pretty much dead, i would suggest to leave now or when bear crypto market ends at November.