Story Line, the video NFT platform

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Story Line, the video NFT platform

Application type

Product Launch

Story Line is for filmmakers and audio/video creators and enables them to launch a DAO around their film or episodic video series project. Passionate supporters can buy tokens in the DAO which allow them to help steer parts of the project, get access to the project first when it’s released, and share in its potential financial upside.

Story Line is the missing layer for video NFTs and will ultimately facilitate the entire end-to-end journey, from idea to distribution to recoupment, of film and video endeavors. We are even exploring novel concepts, uniquely enabled by web3, where stories can be built up, ripped, and remixed by fans with compensation duly accorded to the new and original creators.

In v1, our focus is on getting film projects launched with passionate supporters backing them.

Key Milestones for Story Line:

  • 10k creators sign up by April 1, 2021
  • 1k projects launched on Story Line by April 1, 2021
    • Average: each would have 1000 supporters at $50 each, averaging $50k per project
  • We engage in 10 serious conversations with high profile filmmakers to launch their project on Story Line, primarily for marketing purposes to drive awareness and excitement for Story Line

Story Line lets creators:

  • Create a film project DAO
  • Create tiers of NFTs and mint them
  • Set the rights the NFT tier affords viewers, including a share of the potential upside of the project
  • Release their film to token holders
  • Automatically and transparently share revenue among their crew members

Current Status:

Product Next Steps:

  • Smart contract to check a Metamask wallet for the requisite NFT (in 15 days)
  • Encrypt video and integrate with IPFS or Arweave (in 15 days)
  • Automated revenue share among film crew members and DAO token holders (in 30 days)
  • Let creators launch DAOs (in 90 days)


  • MVP launch: 2 months of development (Dec 15, 2021): $30k
  • 3 months of launch marketing to spread awareness: $20k
    • Press
    • Social Media
  • Funding for the famous filmmakers (big dream goal 1): TBD


  • NBA Top Shot - fantastic how they got the involvement of numerous high profile players and serves as a playbook for how we want to get numerous high profile filmmakers
  • – there are a number of parallels to Mirror who focuses on writing

How Story Line works:

There are two sides to the application, the creator side and the viewer side:

Creator side, to launch projects:

  1. Creators connect their Metamask wallet and start a film project.
  2. They create tiers of ERC-1155 NFTs with the respective quantities; add the crew members and define their % of the proceeds from the NFT sales and subsequent sales; upload their media and publish.
  3. The NFT is now available and the creator can post it to Opensea or DaVinci Gallery.

Viewer side, to access projects:

  1. When a viewer purchases the creator’s NFT, it gives them access to a film at a certain window of time. The viewer goes to the video URL and connects to their Metamask wallet.
  2. The site checks the viewer’s Metamask wallet for the requisite NFT.
  3. If the NFT is there, the site fetches the video URL and the viewer can watch it.

@unveiled thank you for the proposal. It has been approved under the $50k Launch track. Congrats!

$10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet
$10K after mainnet launch
$10K after forming a DAO with its community
$20K for after 10K users

Please read the FAQ

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exciting! woohoo.

when it is on testnet, do i post here in the thread?

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@unveiled Yes, please post here and include links to your testnet version

It’s live on testnet!!

Demo video: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software


the $10K for testnet launch has been funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer


Live now on Mainnet!!!

Storylines now runs on Harmony mainnet!!

Try it here:

You can:

  • create projects
  • create tiers of NFTs and set the qty per tier
  • add your media and which NFT tier has access to it
  • mint your NFTs, incl on Harmony Mainnet, Harmony Testnet, and Eth Rinkeby
  • viewers can buy the NFT
  • viewers can watch your film if they have the requisite NFT required to play the film

Feedback welcome!

the 2nd milestone of mainnet launch, $10K, has been funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

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Hi there!
Long time since November.
How the constitution of the DAO is going?
Would you please share in which step of the project are you?

Thank you!