Premium Video Series Proposal

Harmony: Blockchain Revolution Series

Hi! We are Heilman Productions out of Los Angeles. We specialize in high end documentary, reality television, and branded content. We handle all aspects of production, from preproduction through post and delivery. We have worked with Amazon, Food Network, Travel Channel, A&E and a variety of other well known media companies.

We are huge fans of the Harmony system and the passion the community brings to the network. However we feel there is a lack of video content that personalizes the blockchain, as well its community of developers.

We propose using our passion for storytelling and technical expertise to create video vignettes highlighting the human element in all the progress and innovation happening on Harmony. Specifically, we would first focus on the unique DAO protocols found across the blockchain, revealing the effort, creativity, and passion that comes with Web3 development. These feel-good stories will be a welcome change from the often negative-focused pieces put forth by major media outlets. They will also serve to both motivate those already working hard on the blockchain and inspire those who want to get involved.

We have been in contact with Defi Kingdoms, MadNFTs, and Africa DAO and believe the system would benefit greatly from high level video content focusing on the creators in the system engaging with viewers in video content from a professional level.

Help we would need:

  • a contact to help us connect with other protocols and DAOs within the Harmony system that we have not had contact with yet.
  • Approved Harmony graphic assets to be used in the profiles we create.

Proposal ask

An initial agreement for 3 videos at a cost of $15,000 per video, with the possibility of creating more upon further approval.

Metrics for success

  • Weekly communication with Harmony team members on direction, feedback, and creative suggestions.
  • Outreach to community partners to discuss what they want in portraying their content and discussions on how we can partner to create the most effective messaging with them.
  • Monthly, or bi-monthly, delivery of video vignettes highlighting the passion and determination of creators within Harmony community.

External Links

We have put together a pitch deck on this project as well, giving you more insight into the content plans as well as using a few examples of DAOs we could highlight. Please check it out!

As noted below, here are some examples of work we’ve done in the past as well. We can provide more if need be!

Here’s a brand reel from previous work: Brand Reel
Here is a Kleenex: Messages of Care profile we did a while back: Unlikely Best Friends - YouTube
And this is a sizzle reel that resulted in a miniseries we sold to Food Network (Kitchen Expedition With Robert Irvine): Under The Table

In Conclusion
We humbly ask for your support, your feedback, and your suggestions on this project and are excited to take on a proposal that will be incredibly beneficial for the community as well as fun and engaging for creators as well.

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I strongly support this sort of community focused initiative.

I’ve met these guys in person, and they’re definitely top notch professionals!

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You know, you should showcase your creations so we can have a complete insight about your videos. Every people who works on creative usually showcase their portfolio when applying for a job, where is your portfolio?

You said you are a huge fans of the Harmony system then you mentioned this thing? Are you really or you just wrote it for show?

Great point on the portfolio, we added some links to the post above!

As far as Africa DAO goes, we had the opportunity to meet with them and were impressed with their mission. We’re happy to engage with the community on which projects should be featured, we love all feedback !

Thanks @OgreAbroad! :blue_heart:

Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and will assign a representative on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.

Welcome, @HeilmanProductions! I like your initiative, and your reel looks good. I can see your quality and the value that you bring. At this moment, we will opt to hold off on this but I want to get a conversation going so that we can circle back on this in the near future, when timing may be better. Can you reach out to me on Telegram?

I would like to connect you to Adrian, our creative director, and continue this conversation so when the time comes, we can look to discuss the budget and strategy in deeper detail to make the biggest impact, ensuring the right products/projects are highlighted based on the initiatives at that time.


Hey @Mattyontap that sounds great! I’ll connect with you there. Looking forward to it :blue_heart:

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