Synphonic - help non-crypto native musicians participate in web3

Name of Project


Proposal overview

We are building a two-sided music digital collectible marketplace that democratizes access to web3 for musicians and their fans. We are passionate about helping musicians - especially long-tail, independent, and emerging musicians - and using web3 to build community and monetize creative IP.

Fans pay with credit cards and musicians get paid in fiat, and we take care of contract creation and NFT minting on the backend. On the platform, musicians sell exclusive access to works in progress, behind the scenes footage, demos, and other content related to the creative process.

What stage is the product at?

We’ve built out a beta web app on polygon with a custodial wallet system, demonstrating proof of concept with 5 test drops and 2 exclusive releases which have sold out. We have 200+ musicians in our pipeline, and 22 already on the platform. We’ve spent $0 on marketing or advertising, and we just stood up our discord server.

How many users do we have?

We have 87 users on the platform, with all traffic thus far driven by musicians. We’ve had 70 unique purchasers so far, with 17% of fans who visit artist drop pages make a purchase on the platform. We aim to have 200 users by then end of June.

Why Harmony?

We want to support our musicians, and many of them have expressed strong desire to mint with harmony. We want to give musicians the option to use polygon or harmony. As we do with polygon, we intend to build a custodial wallet system in harmony and allow non-crypto native musicians and fans to engage with token-gated content which are gated by ownership of NFTs minted on harmony.


CEO: Jacob Marks. Experience in high performance computing, cryptography, and machine learning. Previously at Google X and Samsung Research bringing emerging technologies to market. Physics PhD @ Stanford '22, BS Physics, Math & Philosophy @ Yale.

COO: Joel Ostdiek. Background in music and entertainment: creator monetization strategy at YouTube, co-produced a grammy winning Broadway musical, and stood up an incubator for emerging musicians at Lincoln Center. MBA @ Stanford GSB '22, BA Economics & Theatre @ Notre Dame

While our team does have technical experience, we would love to be connected with solidity developers.

Proposal ask


Solidity developers: $15000
Designers: $3000
Security audit: $6000
Subscription to team email server, hosting, payment processing, SendGrid: $1000

Metrics for success

  • 50 members on discord server
  • 200 users on the platform
  • 150 unique NFT holders on platform

External links

Landing Page
Beta Web App

Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and will assign a representative on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.

Thank you for your proposal.
If it’s already developed in Polygon, how would you proceed to Harmony?
Regarding “…we intend to build a custodial wallet system in harmony and allow non-crypto native musicians and fans to engage with token-gated content which are gated by ownership of NFTs minted on harmony…”
Would you be a little more specific?
Thank you!

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Hey @jbeltran, thank you for the question!

Right now we have it set up so when musicians upload their content and specify sale parameters, clicking ‘publish’ on our web app sets in motion contract creation on polygon through the Tatum API. We plan to use this same API to interface with harmony (see Build cross-chain solutions on Harmony with Tatum | by Evan Vischi | Tatum). We want to modify the user flow so that upon clicking the publish button, musicians have the choice to use polygon or harmony.

As for the wallet, we plan to generate and manage a harmony ONE wallet for each user on our platform, to go along with the polygon wallet we manage for each user.

With regards to token gating, when fans purchase an NFT on our platform, they purchase exclusive access to listen to and view certain pieces of content. We are also planning to add in token-gated forums and other community features.

Once this base integration with harmony is complete, we intend to more broadly engage with other projects in the harmony ecosystem :slight_smile:

Thank you, and please let me know if any other questions come up!

Just pinging this! Thanks for your consideration :slight_smile:

Hello, and sorry for the late reply.
I’ve tried to interact with Polygon, but I couldn’t.
Do you have any type of doc help for instructions on how to?

Thank you

Thanks, appreciate the note and understand there’s a high volume of grant apps right now.

Could I ask for some more detail on what type of doc or instructions you’re looking for? If it’s a requirement, we’re open to considering moving over entirely to Harmony.



Following up here - please let me know if there’s additional information we can provide. Thanks!

Hello @Joel_Ostdiek

Harmony Grants are currently paused until further notice.

Harmony Grants and Investments (Paused) (

Sorry about it. Let’s keep in touch, please.

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Does this look like paused to you? June 7th?
Another 30k worth. They got $12k in the middle of May when funding was ‘paused’ as well.

This new policy literally started a few days ago.

Grants have been paused per your DAO OPS team since before the offsite meeting took place.

How did NO ONE else get funding but Blu3 DAO on 2 separate occasions since then?


Dude no one died and made you auditor. Who cares. Projects got funds that was the whole point

Re: music, harmony team could be a first mover in nft Music. Something to add along with game fi