The Harmonist - NFT based Subscription & Royally service

Name of Project

The Harmonist - by Harmony Pay team

Proposal overview


This project ideally should be considered as an extension and part of Harmony Pay Stage 2 funding proposal here (Harmony Pay - Stage 2 Integrations & growth ).

However, as it is larger than the above proposal we decided to create a separate funding request.

We do recommend to be viewed us as one project as they will work together.

Harmony Pay Team are delighted to announce after extensive R&D to have a raw prototype ready: The Harmonist. - We working to release some images before the proposals deadline

The Harmonist in a nutshell is an NFT based Web3 Subscription and royally service that can work in Web3 and Web2 environments.

The Harmonist will offer creatives, creators, content produces music producers as well as product subscription providers (digital or physical) the opportunity to monetise their product/ content in a fair way on Web3. The Harmonist is essentially a dApp on Web3 and will be running on Harmony Network.

Creators will be able to lock products or content and consumers will be purchasing NFT keys that are minted on Harmony to unlock that content or subscription service.

There will be a bespoke integration with Harmony Pay at the proposed Stage 2 as well as a general WordPress integration if both projects are funded together.

However, the Harmonist will work independently and will integrate with various platforms like Discord, Shopify even suggest and work towards integrating with Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, ThetaTV etc.

The applications are endless ranging for example: article and news websites to insurance or newsletters and software licenses.

The Harmonist was inspired by Pay with Tera and will be based on the open source protocol by Unlock.

We will be redesigning and codding from ground up using exclusively the Harmony Network.

We will create a full user-friendly UI and add new features such us integration with 1wallet. We want to offer a seamless Fiat operation by creating a 1wallet extension based on our 1waller-electron a desktop user friendly way to interact with 1wallet.

We also part of Harmony Pay Stage 2 we are creating and implementing a DEFI swap feature to fiat auto settlements where we will integrate into the Harmonist to offer Fiat subscriptions that use in the background the Harmony Network.

One route that we are looking to follow is to create a Harmonist Wallet that utilises 1wallet and the creator and subscriber do not necessary require to understand Metamask or long wallet addresses etc making it easier to use the Harmonist like any other Web2 subscription platform.

We believe The Harmonist will bring a massive interest and a lot of users onto the Harmony network. We envisage deploying a beta release half way thought the developing process and run a mini campaign showcasing it to the community. We anticipate to reach 5000 users during that stage.

We will offer some support to the community and will use the feedback to work towards delivering a full functioning product.

Proposal ask

Assuming that this is an independent project it will require 1500-2000 hours of work for a team of 2 possibly 3.

Based on that we are asking a grant in the region of $150K.
This budget includes promotion (social content, videos, Medium articles, youtube, awareness and publicity) as well as technical support after Beta launch.
The working hours expected to be distributed over 6 months working up to 70% of our time based on a 35h week

We recommend that The Harmony Pay Stage 2 and The Harmonist to be viewed as one project from Harmony Pay team combining both budget requests.

We are proposing to start the combined project as part time work so we can fulfil current project commitments and by the end of the year to move towards 90% and if required to 100% working week based on 35h a week on both projects for 6 months

Metrics for success

5000 users during Beta Release and testing
Building the community and increasing Harmony’s presence

Instigate spin off projects (that others can work on with our team or independently), such as NFT content subscriptions, gaming subscription, Web3 music and video contact distribution & subscription and much more. - To be suggested as part of our marketing campaign.

External links

The Harmonist Github


As promised.
A few images of The Harmonist basic functionality. We wanted to be on the mainnet but so far the contracts are created in the testnet

Harmony Explorer Transaction

Thanks for the proposal but unfortunately it is out of scope for the investments tracks. Harmony is unable to lead investments. We would consider joining as a follow-on investor but you would need to seek external funding sources should you wish to raise this amount.

Additionally, the scope of this proposal is too wide especially since you already have another proposal running in parallel. My suggestion is to focus on one at a time and make sure your proposal adheres to the guidelines with clear objectives. Success metrics cannot be based on beta testing. A strong proposal needs to speak to hyper-growth in production. This is why for our Launches and Ports tracks we specify a minimum of 10k active users.