Team Toknostic Update (formerly Exchainge)

> Team name
Exchainge => Toknostic. Toknostic is a binary prediction market using chainlink price feeds to determine the best outcomes for investing on different currency/pairs.

> Chosen hackathon track/s
Track 1: Platform.

> What did you work on this week?
Writing test cases to test payment functionality of native tokens.

> What are you hoping to complete by next week?
Complete test cases for payment functionality of native tokens.
Research and Interviews to determine and understand client needs. What are the pieces of information we will need to provide in the UI.
Test out historical price feed data and deploy it to Kovan testnet.

> Are you blocked by anything?
Our team went from 4 people down to 2.

> How can Harmony core team help?
Not at the moment. Jack has been a great help already.

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