The DAOist Mexico | a 2-day event focused on newcomers to the space

Name of Event/Project

The DAOist Mexico

Proposal overview

The DAOist Mexico (CDMX) | 4-5th of March, 2022
The DAOist Mexico will be mainly focused on bringing DAO culture to the local communities. An entire event designed for entry-level web3 contributors locals, with talks in Spanish, sharing art and knowledge from the DAOverse in one of the biggest capitals of the western world. The lineup is very generous, taking the audience one step at a time with many direct onboarding workshops. We’re also having concerts from different local talents that will add a great touch to the whole event, as well as attract artist communities.

Proposal ask

Patron Sponsorship $12K
that includes

  • Talk and workshop
  • Logo as the main sponsor in online, backdrops & print visibility
  • Booth in Workshop area (Day 2)
  • 6 RSVPs
  • 5 customized luchador masks tailored to your DAO
  • Mentions in the The DAOist ads in Espacio Cripto, the #1 Technology podcast in Mexico
  • Record an episode in Espacio Cripto
  • The DAOist Embassy passport

External links

The DAOist Lisbon → The DAOist Lisbon 2021 Aftermovie - YouTube

About the event:
Line-up the DAOist Mexico → TALKS @The DAOist Mexico - Google Sheets
Website → (The DAOist)
The DAOist Mexico TG group → Telegram: Join Group Chat

Wallet: 0xE44B3F778f4D44ca18fFCc69Bb85c2ECbC851937


this event has been funded: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

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