The Unstable Lab DAO

The Unstable Lab DAO


Since the 2000’s, the monetary policy , made the inflation took off, enlarging the gap’s between wealth and poverty in Latin America, bringing even more people to poverty. In 2019 6.5% of Brazilians were classified as extremely poor, and 24.7% as poor. In 2019 The southeast, the most populous region, accounted for between 20% and 27% of the poor population, depending on the poverty concept used.

Brazil’s level of inequality is among the highest in the world and using Web3 as a tool me can bring transparency, reestablish democracy, and leverage efiiciency with blockchain applicabilities.

In Brazil less than 5% of the graduating art students from public universities knows something about blockchain. They could use this tech to experiment, improve and expose their expression. This tech still under a dome that hardly will reach those students if there’s no agents changing their perspectives of interdiciplinarity. The Unstable Lab initiative was created with the proposal of being an edtech and infrastructure provider for Latin American artists that wants to be part of the web 3.0 revolution.

The art market for small artists has been so bulish to this students that the majority are trying to survive sacrificing their mental health doing double jorney of regular works and classes everyday. This cause a notable problem of retention in college. The statistics says that in UFRRJ art students, or will give up in the middle of the college, or has been delaying the graduation for 2 or more years because of costs and problems with basic revenue. The class of fine arts at brasilian public colleges are still the same since the 80’s. If you are a newly graduated art student in Brasil you already started with disadvantage at the labor market.

Our long-term goal is to transform this project into the first DAO of UFRRJ – Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, bring alternatives for 500 artists, from the southeast area initially, which are trying to live from art. Teaching from the basics of blockchains, to generative coding that can evaluate their artistic production to a point, that they can discover how their works fit in a Web3 world and have some support to achieve their goals in this new world. A first step to follow the ONE way.

Together and mixed:

The courses will be ministred twice a week, with synchronous and asynchronous classes that will guide students through a leaning process during which they must master the basic concepts of blockchain technology, precautions and Web3 topics. Each week students will focus on two new topics. The asynchronous classes will focus on courseware PDF’s and vídeos recorded and produced by our governors and contribuitors.

The synchronous classes will be hosted at Fábrica de Startups space every week before Harmony Hangouts or events. In those events, the invited speaker of the week will start a new topic with the coworkers, students and enthusiasts who will be able to join na discuss about the topic and ask questions.


In the first phase of the project all of the initiative income with NFT sellings will be injected in the liquidity pool for the first year then vote the next strategy. The artists that mint with us as ambassadors at MADNFT’s will be teach about the solutions and investiments that you can do with Harmony protocol stakes and permanent loss.

Manage the artists to grow the ecossistem with an workflow incentive aiming to scale the number of minted pieces per day at the MADNFT’s platform.

Provide infrastructure with smart contracts and NFT’s solutions working with those artists for companies or partners that wants to join the Web3.

Main goals

Our upcoming deliverables, by quarter:

Q1 - april/jun

  1. Build the online structure of the Project (website, telegram, discord, etc).
  2. Build the administrative structure of the project (governance, accountability, legal, etc).
  3. Build a network of cooperation with the universities and other institutions in order to reduce the cost and increase our efficiency and raise the scalability

Q2 - jul/sep
1 - Launch at least 200 new artists at MADNFT’s platform.
2 - Expand the number of new students to

Q3 - oct/dez
1 - Collaborate with 30 teachers that will improve our content and the students experience and knowledge. We will invite those teachers to help with classes and didactic content.
2 - Expand the project to at least 4 another states of Brazil.

Q4 - jan/mar 2023
1 - To keep the sustainability of the project and the demand of new governors, we will form 10 leaders
to sustain the scalability and development of the community.
2 - Collaborate with 5 articles of the
university students.

Our mandates:

Our goal for all mandates:

1 - Form a team of tutors to help the students who show interest in learning to code.
2 - Build the administrative structure of the project (governance, accountability, legal, etc).
3 - Build a network of cooperation with the universities and other institutions in order to reduce the cost and increase our efficiency and raise the scalability.
4 - Development of a four-weeklong didactical material for Web3 accelerator course.

1 - Operate the listening system.
2 - Design and proposal for the structures of the DAO.
3 - Building (or coordinating) and maintaining the whole online and offline structure of the DAO.
4 - Form the artists teams


1 - Development of smart contracts for governance and social tokens.
2 - Keep track of the actions, deadlines, resources and demands.
3 - Assign everyone with a list of tasks aligned with the first year goal of the DAO and develop a criteria to evaluate fulfilment of those tasks.
4 - Build the online structure of the Project (website, telegram, discord, etc).

How the funds will be applied:

The resources will fund the consolidation of our scructure and expansion the other regions of Brazil.

Our governors will be able to dedicate full time to fulfill our goals as a DAO with a payment of U$ 300,00 a week.

We’ll be able to host events to engage more artists, contrubuitors, enthusiasts and business that already operate within Web3 at Fábrica de Startups.

Pay the costs of the bus passes for the students participation of the events hosted every week.

Social media management tools.

Productivity software (Adobe pack, brushes packs, Calendly, Canva, G Suite Professional)

Web hosting and domains.

Setting up on-chain and off-chain voting (Aragon, Snapshot).

Blockchain management and fees.

Our governors:

Ricardo Petersen
A Brazilian art teacher and student, graffiti and tattoo artist. Involved with social projects aiming visibility for graffiti street art since 2017. Started working with NFT environment since march 2021.

Bruno Mendes
A curious chemist with a strong desire to seek new challenges. I have extensive experience in R&D in computational pharmaceutical chemistry and sustainability projects, having an analytical sight and good communication skills. Currently interested in programing.

Douglas Miranda

Carioca, 33 years old and very energic guy! Since 2008 has been working in Finance , and since 2012 have been working as a partner to develop the ecosystem at Brazil, helping to bring awareness and investment culture to people. Since 2016 studying crypto and web 3.0 , and recently founded CoinMasters an edtech and infrastructure provider for business that want to join web 3.0 at Brazil.

Our colaborators:

● Gabriel Baptista Braz - Student at the Universidade Federal de Juizde Fora (UFJF). Course: Electrical Engineering crypto enthusiast and defi has acrypto Community
● Diogo Mury - More than three years as an educator in cryptocurrency management and technology - Product Manager and Scrum Master in thecrypto currency industry - Experience in strategic investment consulting with cryptocurrencies
● Felipe Simões - I.T Analyst| Blockchain Engineer | Developer | Speaker Talks about #web3, #blockchain, #development e #tokenization
● Beatriz Siqueira - BlockChain Solution Developer | Smart Automation | Trading | Web3.0 | Smart Contract | etc.

$10,000 Proposal ask to help develop The Unstable Lab DAO.

Excited to see more NFT projects on our ecosystem! Looking forward to seeing the artists from the favelas on MAD :raised_hands:t4:

Approved for 10K by Danny & Juan per Project Y.


You can count on us bro. The brazilian artists are hungry and MAD to be part of our ecosystem! Thanks for the opportunity to help those guys. <3

+1 from my side. Yes for me. Can’t wait to see more NFT projects going on Harmony.

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