Title: Go+ Security - build "everyone's security tool in web3" for Harmony

Title: Go+ Security - build “everyone’s security tool in web3” for Harmony

Go+ Security

Go+ is working as the “security data layer” for web3, striving to build"everyone’s security tool" by providing open, permissionless, user-driven Security Services. Go+ security engine covers multi-chain with multidimensional risk detection for crypto projects and ordinary users, making a safer Chain Ecosystem.

Go+ Security API has been integrated with leading dApp and trading tools such as coinbrain, Ave DEX, and Li Finance to provide security services to users.

Proposal Overview:

Go+ Security provides users with security tools, including token detection, smart contract detection, NFT contract detection, malicious address library, real-time risk warning, and interaction security detection to build a safer web3 environment.

Our product: Token Security Detection

Contract detection on the beta version and other functions are under development.

Proposal ask:

Security is the priority in investment; before we ape into a new project, we should know whether the code of that project is safe or not.

As most investors can not read code, it’s essential to develop a user-friendly tool like Go+ for ordinary investors. What’s more, by integrating Go+ Security API with dApps such as DEXes, the API will automatically warn users about risks, thus helping users avoid losses.

We are looking for 100,000 worth of USDT/USDC to develop our products and boost Go+ Security’s adoption of Harmony and its ecosystems.


Launch NFT detection and smart contract detection

Open malicious address library

Integrate with main DEXes on Harmony

Security DAO

How the funds will be utilized

We will use most of the funds to develop our products further. Meanwhile, we will keep marketing our products and reach partnerships with projects that need security services on Harmony

Product Development:50% Marketing:30% Community building:20%

Metrics for success

Core metrics for Go+ success include(in the next 6 mlonths):

  1. Supporting Harmony Chain Eco-System
  • Token Detection Function open for Harmony Chain
  • NFT Detection Function open for Harmony Chain
  • dAPP Contract Detection Function open for Harmony Chain
  • Support 3-10 API subscribed partners(e.g. Wallet, DEX, Data Aggeragator, launchpad, Cross-Chain Bridge) on harmony Chain
  • Support 3-10 Security Service Providers for harmony Chain
  1. General Development for Go+
  • Reach 3 Million API data calls per day (average 1M API data call per day for now (the last week of Apr. 2022 )
  • Reach 800K independent IP accumulated (260K+ for now)
  • 100+ well-know API subscribers for Go+ Security API (around 20 for now)
  • Reach 50+ Security service entities have integrated GO+ API and providing services in Go+ Security Ecosystem
  • To Launch Go+ Security DAO( in Q3/4) to engage with more third party stakeholders to participate in Go+
  • Further decentralization for risky database by adopting Web3 infrastructure (like token detection, dAPP contract detection, NFT detection, malicious addresses library)
  • etc

Public Roadmap

Q2 2022

Malicious address library

NFT Detection

On-chain data monitoring

dAPP Smart Contract detection(Now in beta testing, will have official version soon)

Risk detection during users’ Interaction Process(e.g., Phishing Website/APP)

Support Rust

Q3 2022

Security DAO (Beta Version )

Security Eco-system

More Customize Security Service

Support More Non-EVM Chains

Q4 2022

Security DAO (Official Version)

Privacy Model

A more decentralized infrastructure upgrade

Core team members

Mike Li, co-founder of Go+

Eskil Tsu, co-founder of Go+

Binbin, Main Product Manager for Security

Wilson, Main Architect

More info on Team Members Go+

Screenshots of our product

Token detection

Smart Contract Detection

Showcase on Coinbrain.com (Safety check part)

External Links

Website: https://gopluslabs.io/
Token security detection:Token Security Detection
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoplusSecurity
Docs: https://docs.gopluslabs.io/

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Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and will assign a representative on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.

Hello again:

Are you talking in the proposal about “Clipper”?
Could you describe in a simple manner how would this benefit Harmony users?
In a few steps, please?

Thank you in advance.



Thank you so much for the question; I am talking about the proposal for Go+ Security in the following link:

we will benefit Harmony users from the following prospects:

  1. Go+ Security provides an open, permissionless & User-driven security platform; it will significantly improve the security capability in harmony, once Go+ security supported in the following dimensions:

Token Detection

NFT Detection

malicious Address


dAPP Smart contract detection

You can find the case in the previous link about using it.

  1. Go+ Security will provide a cutting edge security self-checking, particularly in the dAPP smart contract detection; it will help developers publish the smart contract in a much better quality, which provides a better dAPP to the harmony users.
  2. GO+ Security could also be a critical infrastructure for Harmony Chain by distinguishing a good project from the risky ones to keep a much more sustainable ecosystem for the chain and benefit the end-users in harmony or harmony token holders.

and we could keep the discussion about it if you want.

Eskil for Goplus Security

The investment is approved with strong yes from the team members. Go+ is a strong security partner that can help users on Harmony gain earlier feedback and more protection. Their approach to provide API and enrich the ecosystem. Their usage growth is amazing and we are looking forward for deeper integration.

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As agreed with the team and based on the current market condition, we have agreed to invest 25k to the go+ team.

Many thx, Leo and the team! We are looking forward to the further engagement with harmony!

Eskil for Goplus Security