Track 1d: Cross-Chain - "Platform"

Cross-Chain with Trustless Bridges

Track 4 - Platform. On-chain delegation, O(1) sync, RaptorQ gossip

The first hackathon theme is Cross-Chain with our trustless, on-chain bridges. The 4 tracks — Liquidity, Middlewares, DeFi/NFT/DAO, Platform — emphasize the current product-market fits of decentralized applications but across multiple chains. Developers can make use of Harmony’s rich ecosystem: a cross-chain API for aggregation and asset pools; Ethereum-compatible indexing, names, and toolkits; and, unique technical features including randomness opcode, on-chain delegation and aggregated signatures, FlyClient bridges, and fast state sync with message gossips.

Besides advancing these cross-chain infrastructure, there are also many product ideas that can take advantage of our trustless bridges. For example, building arbitrage bots with our partner Hummingbot or integrating stablecoins and saving products with our Terra bridge. Harmony has also launched Bulletproof and Poseidon Hash functions for privacy coin mixers like Tornado Cash. (more)

Track 4: Cross-Chain Platform: This track is about enhancing the cross-chain capabilities of Harmony blockchain. Cross-chain capabilities includes but not limited to enhacing the blockchain network (Network sub-track), enhancing the virtual machine with cryptographic primitives, precompiles, and bytecodes, and building/enchancing bridges to other blockchains. Few examples for each of the 3 subtracks are below:

Cross-Chain Platform, Network

Cross-Chain Platform, Virtual Machine (EVM)

Cross-Chain Platform, Bridges

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