Track 1b: Cross-Chain - "Middlewares"

Cross-Chain with Trustless Bridges

Track 2 - Middlewares. Graph, Crazy.ONE names, privacy-mixer

The first hackathon theme is Cross-Chain with our trustless, on-chain bridges. The 4 tracks — Liquidity, Middlewares, DeFi/NFT/DAO, Platform — emphasize the current product-market fits of decentralized applications but across multiple chains. Developers can make use of Harmony’s rich ecosystem: a cross-chain API for aggregation and asset pools; Ethereum-compatible indexing, names, and toolkits; and, unique technical features including randomness opcode, on-chain delegation and aggregated signatures, FlyClient bridges, and fast state sync with message gossips.

Besides advancing these cross-chain infrastructure, there are also many product ideas that can take advantage of our trustless bridges. For example, building arbitrage bots with our partner Hummingbot or integrating stablecoins and saving products with our Terra bridge. Harmony has also launched Bulletproof and Poseidon Hash functions for privacy coin mixers like Tornado Cash. (more)

To kick things off, I’ll be spotlighting Track 2: Cross-Chain - “Middlewares” - Indexing, Analytics and Namings!

Featured here today is Analytics - several examples below

  1. Harmony Analytics built by @SmartStake (see How to use Harmony Analytics dashboard?) on Validator analytics
  2. Harmony Staking Analytics - Helps one understand where validator seat allocations (see Harmony – Open Consensus for 10B)
  3. Etherscan Charts - Looks into Market, Blockchain and Network data, in a time-series manner (see Ethereum Charts and Statistics | Etherscan)
  4. Cosmos Outpost - dives into chain level activity, around delegations, reward withdrawals, transactions success/failures, and node uptimes (see
  5. Terra Station Dashboard - Looks at transaction volumes per token (imagine ERC-20/HRC-20 tokens), staking returns, and total accounts/wallets (see
  6. a visualization of validators across the globe (see Cosmos Atlas) or a 3D visualizer (see

How do these inspire you to build out an in depth chain analytics? Reply to this thread.

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