Trying to Marry AI and Blockchain


Hi everyone,

I am Alok.

I am a co-founder of Harmony and a engineer on the team.

I dream of marrying AI and Blockchain one day, so that we can decentralize and democratize AI in a privacy-preserving and scalable manner.

Before Harmony, I did research in NLP/ML in labs across the world and did my graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University.

In my free time I love hiking. At one time I had undertaken a project to read all philosophy from all parts of the world. That project is still ongoing …

Come talk to me about how to shard smart contracts :slight_smile:!



What @alok was too humble to mention is that he spent the last few years working at Apple Siri!


yeah you guys are awesome. what is your plan about network launch/ marketing/ eco building. any major products release?

who are your competitors?


Hey @leifeng

We will be launching our devnet this month, with testnet coming in Q1 2019, and mainnet in Q2 2019.

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On product/development, see our thoughts on:
Sharding: Summary of Harmony's approach to sharding
Smart Contracts: Ideas towards a scalable smart contract architecture for a sharded blockchain
Networking: Inter-committee Routing in Sharded Blockchain

The competitive landscape is changing quickly right now so we are mostly heads down focused on developing our own platform while closely watching Ethereum 2.0, Zilliqa, and Dfinity.