Animesh Introduction

Hi Guys,

I came across Harmony on gitcoin. I am working as an Engineer in payments card industry. Previously, I have worked as a High Performance Computing Engineer in High Frequency trading.

I am fascinated by blockchain, smart contracts and related technology. I am keen to deepen my understanding and contribute to the community. Looking forward to working with you all.



Hey Animesh, welcome! Seems like we have some shared interests :slight_smile:
Our live chat is here on Discord; come hang out!

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Hey @animesh371,
So glad to have you here! Your background in payments and high perfomance HFT is very relevant to blockchain. You could do everything from high performance blockchains, to DEXs and decentralized finance applications. The industry needs you!

Harmony is mostly focused on high performance blockchain so we’re happy to help teach you what we know. If you have any specific questions about our protocol, you should post a new topic!