Unite Finance - First Algorithmic Stablecoin Pegged to ONE

Name of Project

Unite Finance

Proposal overview

Unite Finance is the first algorithmic stablecoin on the Harmony ecosystem with its token, $UNITE, pegged to 1 $ONE via seigniorage. The protocol’s underlying mechanism dynamically adjusts $UNITE’s supply, pushing its price up or down relative to the price of $ONE to maintain the peg.

Our protocol is a fork of tomb.finance, a battle-tested successful protocol on a different chain which has seen over $1B in locked value. The team has already achieved deployment on the mainnet, and our goal is to now expand beyond the base protocol by adding more innovative and unique features that match the specific use-cases that the Harmony ecosystem currently requires.

By incentivizing users with higher yields than normal, Unite Finance will bring in new users to both DeFi and the Harmony chain. The team has been focusing on making the project more attractive for early investors by adding development-intensive features like an autocompounder that will allow users to optimize their yields.

Unite Finance’s long-term goal is to become the primary medium of exchange on the Harmony chain by providing a mirrored, liquid asset to $ONE. Beyond that, our DAO plans to support more projects and help projects effectively launch with capital & resources on Harmony. The development team is a firm-believer in the power of decentralisation, and plans to shift the project to a DAO-based governance model to take critical decisions like allocation of funds, community buy-backs and choice of Harmony projects to support. The team’s next focus is the launch of Unite Launchpad, which will feature fair allocation through a tier-based system, with allocation solely on the basis of number of tokens staked. Run solely by the community, chosen projects will be supported through initial fund raising, technical guidance, instant exposure to the Unite Finance user base and assistance of Tokenomics design. With Unite being the foundation token of our protocol, and it supporting other projects on the Harmony chain we can increase the intrinsic value of our governance token as the projects we partner with grow.

The team also plans to move the DAO fund to a multisig wallet by selecting active community members or even a 3rd party, to ensure maximum security for the aforementioned funds.

Features to be developed (bolded features already developed)

  • Platform with tokens
  • LP Pools
  • Staking Pools
  • Autocompounder
  • Incubator/Launchpad
  • Partnerships across the Harmony ecosystem
  • DAO based governance
  • 1Wallet integration


Unite Finance team has 6 members, all spread across the globe, bringing in diverse experience and perspectives to the project.

No public profile has been shared for security reasons, but the Team is under process to KYC, and are aware about Harmony’s KYC requirements on grant approval.

These are the diverse specialized profiles the Team is currently comprised of:

  • Blockchain developer
  • Frontend developer (2)
  • Marketing and community expert
  • SEO/SEM expert
  • Web designer

Proposal ask

Total funding required: $50,000


Funds use plan:

  • R&D, hiring more smart contract developers
  • Marketing
  • Liquidity
  • Operation expenses
  • Audit reports

Current stats

Total Number of Transactions: 11730*
TVL: 705,889 USD*
Holders: 382*
*At the time of writing / subject to change

Metrics for success

  • Reaching $1M TVL
  • 500 unique addresses
  • Reaching $5M TVL
  • Establishment of DAO
  • Reaching $10M TVL

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Been following this 1 since it launched. It has been headed in the right direction so far and the team is working behind the scenes to build trust on this platform. I am all for this

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Solid project so far, would love to see their plans all be met including audits and KYC and this would help accomplish both items.

Sounds like a solid investment when the peg is active.

Auto compounding added yesterday and already approaching $300k in TVL.


I followed the project that was offered since last December 25th, so far you have handled well what you have to offer such as the autocompounding feature (beef fork), you answered quite well what was asked by the community (telegram). There are several inputs that concern me, including:

  1. so that you development team, (not just moderators) closer and communicate with investors.
  2. immediately do an audit (even though I know the project you are offering is a fork of tomb v2 and beefy) even though it is a temporary audit so that new investors are more confident in what you offer.
  3. to continue to provide new features that are not offered by other fork tombs, so that your appearance is different.
  4. Always on schedule on your roadmap

maybe that’s all my input, keep working


I have been following this project 2-3 days since it launched. I still support this team and the quick progress they have made. The team is quick to implement changes and provides frequent updates to the community. Can definitely tell that a lot of work are going on behind the scenes. Hope that they can continue build trust in the community .


Thanks for showing interest in our project.

  1. Team will be trying their best to engage and communicate with the investors on a daily basis. We are working on it. Soon we plan to start our medium blog where we’ll be providing weekly updates, targets and an overall vibe check of the community’s sentiments. It’s important to us that the investor feels valued and their suggestions are acted upon quickly.
  2. We have contracted a reputable agency 0xGaurd who recently audited OpenSwap (on Harmony). We expect our audit by NYE if things go as planned.
  3. Yes, we do not aim to be just a tomb fork. We have some features in mind and plan to talk more about them in our future updates.

Thanks your your input. We would love if you join our discord community, and keep the feedback/suggestions coming in.


I have followed from the beginning, that’s why I gave input as above, although there are some investors who do not understand the protocol you are offering, I have given them a little explanation.

and congrats, the UI fix for the autocompound feature is pretty interesting, it doesn’t look like a beefy fork anymore. CONTINUE YOUR HARDWORK :blush:

Solid project so far. The team has been too notch and have answered all of my questions so far.

My biggest questions were security auditing and coin utility.

As been shown here the audit is underway and as for utility, the first use case will be for IDOs with more on the way.

Furthermore, just by browsing their discord you can see how responsive the team is and how the project is bringing people from other chains to Harmony.

I don’t see any reason why their application should not be granted.


I entered this project 2 days ago. It’s a very interesting concept, a fork for sure but the first on Harmony. Tomb Finance is very successful on Fantom and some say it’s the main driver of liquidity there. Keep pushing team! Really looking forward for this to gain traction.

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This team and project are excellent.

This post was submitted a week ago and we already reached most of the metrics for success layed out in it! 10M$ TVL goal reached, 500 unique addresses goal reached. The activity is increasing exponentially, as is the enthusiasm.

The original Tomb had a few problems but they succeeded in fixing them, we are walking in their footprints while avoiding what they tripped on. More than that, people can see thanks to Tomb’s precedent that, this kind of protocol is working. It IS battle-tested, and resistant mid-long-term.

Plus, doing it on Harmony is an excellent move. Harmony is fast-growing, especially since a few months, but still kinda under the radar to most people. I think Harmony will explode in use and our project will benefit from it, by being a central component, and quite “early”. But the reverse is also true, we will bring people on Harmony (we are already doing actually, a lot of people learn to cross-chain on Harmony in the Telegram/Discord) and the whole ecosystem will benefit from us. I guess we have the potential to become a core feature of Harmony, especially by incentivizing the providing of other protocol’s liquidity. Tomb has its very specific use on FTM because of FTM staking, but bringing liquidity is also one of the main interest of Tomb’s mechanism, and I guess it can’t hurt this ecosystem to have us on board.

By the way an update, a first “quick” audit is since then done (0xGuard), simply to reassure people that yes, this is a clean tomb fork, without the exploitable parts, without any potential vulnerabilities added either. A second audit is underway, more in-depth this time.

Also, the blockchain developer (synthesis0x) has used a 3rd party firm to entrust his identity, also to reassure people that in case of wrongdoings, legal actions can be taken.

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bullish on DAO based governance and the idea of 1wallet integration. excited for the future of your project!


how come no one from the ONE team have replied to this yet? @lij

HELLLO, any1 from the one team wanna take a look at this tomb fork?

Since this is a retroactive launch grant, love :blue_heart: it when you’ve specified the metrics of success.

The retroactive launch grant fund release schedules will be looking towards the performance metrics. TVL is a volatile number, to help design this launch grant right, we’d like propose a “sustained TVL” model of over a one-month period (30-day moving average) for each metric, and happy to support your team in getting there.

  • $10K for Reaching $1M TVL - achieved on Dec 31, 2021 (sustaining thus far, 30-day avg)
  • $10K for 500 unique addresses - need stats, will release funds upon confirmation
  • $10K for Reaching $5M TVL - achieved on Jan 7, 2021 (sustaining above $5M thus far, 30-day avg)
  • $10K for Establishment of DAO - let’s identify members based on Apply for Grants or DAO
  • $10K for Reaching $10M TVL - achieved on Jan 9, 2021 (fluctuating, 30-day avg)

For DAOS – we recommend a 5-out-9 multisig account on Gnosis Safe with 3 governors from the project team, 3 governors from the project community, and 3 governors from Harmony DAOs – namely, ONEcommunityDAO, ONEdeveloperDAO, ONEincubatorDAO.

Can we agree to the above terms?


That’s super good news! We agree to all the terms.

I am messaging you, let’s discuss the next steps in details. Excited for this!


Fantastic! Approved for $50K Launch grant. Congratulations! Funds will be released upon completing these milestones above

Meanwhile, to prepare receiving funds, email your identification documents to kyc@harmony.one and create a Gnosis Safe MultiSig wallet at https://multisig.harmony.one and using instructions below
:arrow_right: Setup Gnosis Safe with MetaMask & 1Wallet

Checkout the Funding FAQ for further info at Harmony Funding FAQ. Join the Harmony Grants Telegram channel to share your story and to gain partnerships there by growing your own ecosystem.

Please join the Harmony Grants Telegram channel and Harmony’s Discord server.

We’d love :blue_heart: to see weekly updates on this thread here, to keep the community posted on Unite Finance’s metrics progress!


I’ve sent you a DM but I’d like to formally offer to serve on the Unite Finance DAO. I’m currently a governor on the Harmony Community DAO and a holder of Ushare as well. In addition I’m a validator and have a strong community presence. If interested please let me know!


Hi @UniteFinance,

Curious to see the recent updates to this project. Will be great to see the first algo stablecoin on Harmony ecosystem.


Hey @cheualx

A lot has happened since we last posted on the forum, we’ll try to be much more regular in the coming months, sorry! :upside_down_face:

Our TVL peaked around 30m$ back in January and price movement wise it’s been a downward trend so far but in this time we managed to understand the chain, community and it’s needs better to form a vision for us. We recently evolved this vision into an actionable roadmap which can be found here Roadmap - Unite Finance (would love to get your feedback on this!)

We also managed to get our launchpad working and helped @Alevo and EvoVerses team raise over 5.9M $ONE which we are super proud of.

Some of the key features we plan on building and shipping this quarter:

  1. Dex – Mix of Uniswap & 1inch along with voting gauges similar to Solidily on FTM with added features to enhance user experience like limit orders. Launch scheduled around end of May
  2. Vaults —Yearn like strategy vaults called uVaults, phase 1 set to launch in the next 10 days
  3. Arcade (first few games are out and we’ll be pushing towards more marketing to get funds bridged from other chains)
  4. Onramp to move fiat funds into the chain along with bridge aggregator to smooth user experience on the chain
  5. Launchpad

With funds already secured to fuel our development efforts, over the next few weeks we’ll be working on a marketing push for the upcoming products. I’ll be writing in more regularly along with linking our medium posts which lay out our future plans.

– Bonsai


Been following the project for a few months and I have to say well done on the EVO launch.
Keep uniting!