EvoVerses 🦄: A realistic 3D Pokemon-like game

Name of Project

EvoVerses :tada::unicorn:

Application type

Product Launch

Proposal overview

EvoVerses is a realistic 3D Pokemon-like game that aims to bring non-crypto gamers to the crypto ecosystem by educating them on the different crypto aspects. Meanwhile, they enjoy several gameplay modes, like the PvP mode, the social mode, and the most loved by the gaming community: the story mode, featuring a whole story around the mysterious creatures that appeared in the world: the Evos.

Launch stages

  1. Gamified website, where the player can start visiting the city, interacting with different NPCs to learn some of the lore, discover easter eggs, and start being introduced to DeFi by using some of the usual DeFi services, like earning $EVO tokens by providing LP (check here the rewards’ emission schedule).
  2. Launch of several DeFi tools to keep providing the community with valuable services, like a portfolio tracker (both website and mobile app versions) with support for the most popular dapps in the ecosystem or even an in-game DEX integration (partnered with FoxSwap (previously known as FarmersOnlyFi)), so they provide the back-end contracts, and we customize the UI in our website and also inside the game.
  3. Launch the Evos, lands, and businesses marketplace on the gamified website, where you will be able to buy, sell, and breed your Evos, get ready for battle with them, and explore the world.
  4. Launch the PvP mode as a standalone desktop game and as a mobile app without using MetaMask to play in the desktop or mobile versions! Start battling to show the world you are the best Evo trainer, rank on the leaderboard, and classify between the best Evo trainers for the world tournament!
  5. Launch the story mode!

You can check the full roadmap here: https://docs.evoverses.com/roadmap

Proposal ask

We are now getting ready to launch the first product in the project: the gamified website with the staking services (we have partnered with Unite Finance to be the first project launching using their brand new launchpad!). Also, we are actively working on the launch of the Evos and the PvP mode. To facilitate the development and especially the marketing, we are looking for $50k worth of ONE, which should be split into portions and released by milestones:

Milestone Tranche
Launching Evo token and gamified website with staking service already enabled on TestNet $10k
After forming a DAO with multisig (ideally 5-out-of-9) $10k
After launching the gamified website with staking service already enabled on Harmony mainnet $10k
After 1K daily active users (with video launch, full PR promotion) $10k
After 10K daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process) $10k

Metrics for success

A good project needs a good team, a good product, and an incredible community. We have all three, but we know that if we want to be able to spread the word of crypto, GameFi, and Harmony ONE over the non-crypto gamers, we need to grow much more.

  • 10,000 users for the PvP beta launch in June; 10,000 Discord members by then and 10,000 Twitter followers
  • Approval of a Harmony Grant
  • $1M liquidity staked by the community in our EvoVerses gamified site
  • At least 100 community members participating in the PvP beta
  • Creation of the EvoVerses University DAO component and approval of a Harmony ONE DAO grant towards educating non-crypto people about the financial concepts in crypto (using Harmony ONE tools) (down the road)

External Links

We have several exciting links and also all our socials! Since we are a new account, we can not add lots of links here, so in this one, you can find several links to all our socials and also to the first gameplay footage (old graphics but still good): EvoVerses 🎉🦄 | Linktree

If you want to know more, just join Discord, there you will find a lot more content!

Latest Evo revealed plus first images of the new graphics in-game: youtube .com/watch?v=oyubfXTh_lQ

Mainnet ETA

We will launch the token and gamified website to the MainNet next Friday (🔥 EvoVerses: Launch Info and Guide! | by EvoVerses | Apr, 2022 | Medium). After that, evos launch and a beta of the PvP will launch in June, and in mid-summer, we plan to launch the first PvP season in Mainnet.

Story mode will launch the first chapters in the MainNet around September/October.


EvoVerses is targeting crypto and non-crypto gamers by focusing on a proven idea (Pokemon) with a proven graphics style (Genshin Impact) but with our take (everything is entirely original: the story, creatures…).

At the same time, our primary focus is to simplify the way non-crypto gamers start in the game; due to that, we are creating a new way to play the game on mobile and desktop without using MetaMask.

With all these small things, we can be sure we will be able to reach lots of non-crypto gamers and introduce them to the fantastic world of crypto and Harmony ONE.

Note: Probably some people will wonder how we can develop a game like this with just a grant! Don’t worry; we have been developing the project (not only the game itself but the idea and story) since June; we are backed by our funds plus recently, from the private sale. The grant is extra funds plus a way to KYC with the Harmony community for future potential collaborations together!

If you still have questions, feel free to ask here, on Telegram or Discord; our team is always happy to answer!


This project has tremendous potential and will greatly help in onboarding new users into the harmony ecosystem. The teasers have been amazing and I personally love how transparent the team has been with the community


I’m really looking forward to this game. The graphics are fanatical. The team working on it are highly motivated and have a lot of contact with members in the discord. The discord community is also very good. Lots of friendly and helpful members.


I follow this project for some time now and i really like it. Altough it is inspired by Pokemon, the idea for this game is unique in the crypto space.
I’m pretty active in de community and i really like how the team communicate with us and actually listen to the ideas we have.
This game can achieve great things if you ask me


This gonna be huge project for sure, modifications GameFi Blockchain with Retro Games Pokemon. It’s make me nostalgic, keep supporting Evoverse Teams! Goodluck


So much love for this project already! Thumbs up guys!


I’ve been a community member of EvoVerses for a while now and I think their plans, current work, and communication are off the charts. They’ve been communicating clear and timely whenever there was something that needed to be addressed (or just to have some fun w the comunity).

The combination of a good team, epic graphics, and a game that will most definitely pique the interest of a lot of gamers is something that will boom! :smiley:


I have seen good communication, poor communication, and everything in between.

The productivity and output so far from the EvoVerses team has been outstanding and has me very excited to take part in their ecosystem and journey along the way.


Really cool project. Could be the first released crypto game built on unreal engine 5, and on mobile too! Lots of potential and taking a lot of great elements from an already successful project like Defi Kingdoms. Excited to see where this goes


The team has delivered quality and transparency every step of the way so far!

Future plans including desktop gameplay should make adoption and immersion both fun and profitable for the entire chain.

Well written application, good thought process, ambitious but achievable milestones.

Why hasn’t this been approved yet? :blush:


Can’t wait, lets go!


This project is amazing


Beautiful looking project, great progress updates from the team so far. Definitely one to look out for


Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned and the team will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:


Thank you for your application. How will users connect and interact with the game without connecting metamask?


We use temporal smart contract wallets (like in multi-sig wallets). Let me explain it in more detail:

  • User with MetaMask uses the website to trade Evos (the creatures), stake the tokens, and deposit some of their EVO and ONE token in their “game wallet”. That is a contract wallet with 1 or 2 signers (later, I will talk about it).

  • User then goes to their mobile game or desktop game and login with their email and password in their account. That account is linked to that contract wallet, so when the user performs some game transaction, the transaction is placed by the server calling the contract and using the ONE and EVO tokens deposited by the user from the website

There are several things to take care about:

  • We are in talks with different companies to try to externalize the wallet creation for better security. This is not a thing we will do for sure, we are analyzing the pros and cons, but we will try and choose.

  • We will notify the user with push notifications, email, and in-game alerts when their in-game wallet has too many tokens, so they can never forget to withdraw the tokens (or at least a considerable amount of them) in case of a hacker accessing it, it won’t be lost

  • For extra security, the next thing is what I said we would talk about later. We will enable 1 or 2 signers options (although they are not signers per se). 1 signer option is when the contract will always be signed automatically by the server, so when you do an in-game transaction, it is signed and done. The 2 signer option requires you to have the standalone game installed on 2 different devices. If you try to perform some action on one of them, the other device will receive a push notification asking to confirm the transaction. Once the server receives the confirmation from the other device, it will continue with the transaction.

In summary, the idea is to use them as temporal wallets. Still, an excellent way to avoid having the typical issues this kind of game has when trying to reach non-crypto gamers: is having to install MetaMask on mobile and switching back and forth from the game itself.


How secure is the “game wallet”? Evoverses may be exposed to traditional Web2 attack vectors

Re: Externalizing wallet – have you looked at the 1Wallet? it’s a smart contract-based wallet with much less of a dependency on a game server. It’s open sourced and built by a partner of Harmony.

Re: Push notification – The push notification part is fancy. Instead of relying on a centralized server, there’s an upcoming on-chain push notification service, EPNS. It’s not launched yet, they just announced the completion of their fund raise today.

Re: Extra security – The extra security using a form of 2FA is interesting as well. Haven’t seen this before, will be super interested to see this in action.


The question about security is a good one. We are gonna prioritize the security, we are in talks to hire someone (a DevOps engineer) working only to secure servers before releasing the PvP mode, and every few months we will have external security audits (obviously sharing the results with the community, we aim to be a DAO).

Yes, we have checked 1Wallet but I haven’t been able to talk with their team to try to collaborate and integrate EvoVerses in their wallet (it would be awesome, we could even simplify the wallet thing in our project with it), and I don’t know if they will have the project ready for our launch; but anyway I will keep trying to contact them :slight_smile:

I will check the EPNS project, it sounds awesome. One of the things I was worried it was about the centralization of our push notification service, so if we are able to collaborate with them, it would be really interesting, to be honest.

About the 2FA system, it is something we took from the idea of “social recovery wallets” (I loved reading the Vitalik article about it) and I like how Google does to log in with their accounts when you already have your session open in another device. We have a strong focus on creating the easiest way to onboard non-crypto users in the project, and adding things they are used to will make this much easier for them!


i think everything it’s very clear!! we ust need to see how it develops in real


We love what you guys are doing and building towards. The only reservation I have is the wallet security. We are happy to intro you to the 1wallet team. Let us know (dm me on telegram - papiofficial).