Unite Finance - First Algorithmic Stablecoin Pegged to ONE

Cool project, glad you’re making progress!

Hey guys, just wanted to check in and give a quick overview of our recent progress!

Metrics/achievements since last update

  • With the efforts of our awesome community along with DAO buybacks, our pegged-to-$ONE coin $UNITE has made a stunning recovery of over 30% returns to bring the peg back to a consistent 0.9+ compared to a TWAP of 0.6 when we posted last. We are all set for the next phase of this seigniorage protocol.
  • Our Arcade beta has undergone extensive testing and so far we have been able to successfully handle bets of over $50,000 USD value! We are in the process of making the games public in the coming weeks.
  • We have a new GameFi project launching on the Unite LaunchpadDefiTheGods is a MMORPG on Harmony which is looking to raise $200,000+ USD. The sale starts today and we are extremely hyped about this one.
  • Our very own GameFi development is going steady with a launch timeline set to be announced soon along with a small public proof of concept alpha!

Smart Contract Development Updates

  • We have a new game, Coin Flip, currently under development. Expect a beta launch on our Arcade in ~2 weeks from today.
  • uVaults has been deployed on the Mainnet and we are testing it extensively. In case everything goes well with the tests, we are looking at a soft launch this week starting with Sushi and Tranquil auto compounding vaults with zero percent fees
  • There has been significant progress on the Dex development. Our feature addition is now complete and we’ll be starting with the testnet deployment process soon. Dex is expected to launch 2-3 weeks from now and we are also planning on submitting a funding proposal to raise funds for initial liquidity. (Btw it’s not gonna be just a pancake swap fork… We have identified a key gap in Harmony’s ecosystem which the Dex tries to solve…More info about this will be in our funding proposal! :eyes:)
  • Our integrated BNB/ETH bridge development is complete and ready to be deployed on mainnet. It already aggregates liquidity from Horizon Bridge SDK and will be expanded to include more multichain routers which support Harmony.
  • We have successfully secured credit card onramp by Transak. This has been integrated in our platform & a public beta is out here (we are still working on improving the experience)

Frontend Overhaul & Plans for Funding
Our next major landmark is a major overhaul of our frontend that will streamline our multiple products, and provide a simpler unified experience for our users. We are bringing together all our experience of the past few months in building various DeFi products for Harmony to create a smooth, cutting-edge interface that can be used to interact with both our already existing products, as well as the upcoming new additions to the Unite ecosystem.

We are planning the launch of this next-generation update such that it coincides with the launch of our funding proposal on Harmony Talk, which will go into more detail of our vision of creating a one-stop DeFi hub. We are very excited about this, and can’t wait to share more soon!

What’s next?

  • Unite Migration to our protocol owned liquidity & start of transition to revenue backed expansion for $UNITE
  • Major frontend upgrades & branding overhaul
  • Funding proposal launch
  • UVaults Emissions & Tokenomics
  • Dex launch
  • Other items on our roadmap

Until next time,
Bonsai :blue_heart: :facepunch:


Hello everyone! Here’s a quick update about our progress:

  • GameFi POC is ready
  • UVaults are now live in beta
  • Our complete overhaul is more or less ready and we plan to go live in the coming two weeks
  • We are ready to begin LP migration of Unite-ONE & USHARE-ONE LPs

Here’s a bit about our latest product: uVaults (Autocompounding Vaults on Harmony)
uVaults allows you to auto-compound your returns with absolutely ZERO* fees! :exploding_head: We have already added the top performing pools from SushiSwap (for the FIRST time on Harmony) and Tranquil Finance to uVaults . These vaults have NO fees on deposits and just 0.1% withdrawal fee (to prevent bots) . And for a limited time you can enjoy 0% fees on your auto-compounding profits.
You can check them out here

You’ll be hearing from me soon as our development progress, we have a lot more in store :slight_smile:

Until next time,
Bonsai :blue_heart: :facepunch: