UPDATE Metaverse Summit: Madrid 2022 - After Party

UPDATE :rocket:Metaverse Summit: Madrid 2022 - VIP After Party

Proposal overview

On Friday 25th of March, following the closing ceremony of “The Metaverse Summit”, Plei celebrated the Plei X Harmony After Party at the Gymage Lounge.

We can confidently say the goals of the event were completely met. The selected venue provided attendees with an intimate space to establish connections among the leading minds redefining the future of creativity and technology in the country.

Accompanied by dinner and cocktails, we were able to connect with Metaverse Summit panelists, entrepreneurs, and of course, the Spanish DAO governors. We believe that at the core of these events, one can find a sense of a common goal, with a true willingness to share ideas and ongoing projects, as well as analyze potential opportunities for collaboration.

Aligned with our positioning in the blockchain national scene, Plei selected Gymage Lounge as the perfect location to celebrate this intimate event, as it is considered one of the trendiest rooftops in Madrid.

As Plei is planning its full implementation into a DAO, the After-Party facilitated a direct channel of communication with Harmony Spanish DAO governors, all of whom conveyed the Harmony Protocol values. With this being said, we firmly believe that there is plenty of room for future collaborations between Harmony and Plei DAO.

Proposal ask
The initial Budget of 3000 euros had been approved by @Abhi and @dpagan-harmony.
However, added costs plus seven additional attendees, have rounded up the final budget to 3.500 €

The Service Included:

  • Outdoor space for 57 people
  • Catering during the whole event
  • Bar service (wine, beer, soft drinks…etc)

We’re looking forward to future opportunities to continue expanding this community!

External links
Initial Grant Approval: Metaverse Summit: Madrid 2022 - VIP After Party - #5 by Abhi
Metaverse Summit: Madrid 2022 - VIP After Party - #6 by dpagan-harmony

Plei website: https://plei.games/

Linkedin: Metaverse Summit Madrid

Gymage Lounge: Gymage Terrace – Gymage


Wow fabulous, I really think it was a very good event.
As they say we believe that the objectives of the event were met and thanks to this we were able to enjoy an incredible stay to establish connections and contacts. The venue provided to the attendees was very good and in one of the most privileged places in Madrid. I think @Plei-DAO has a very interesting project for the Harmony ecosystem. Thank you very much for the contribution in Madrid. Greetings to all. :point_up_2:t2::blue_heart:


It was an amazing event that we had the pleasure to be in. We can just talk nice words about everything: Pre-event in a magnificent place, the event was super interesting and the post was amazing too!

Looking forward to see you guys and to have the chance the share the harmony culture around the world.


That night was a great success! We had a great moment and met amazing people.

thank you to the organizer!!

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All the guests have really enjoyed the event and gave a very positive feedback! This was such a great gathering of web3 enablers; We had it all, from NFT project founders, p2e gaming, to metaverse architecture and land investments…
It was such a pleasure to get to know the great guys behind Harmony Spanish DAO and share insights about the industry and our respective business thesis.


Absolutely @Alex_One_Wallace, we really appreciated you coming to our event. All your guys feedback has been very helpful!