Update on the team count and morale

The words on the ground is many are have discontentment with the leadership in $one .

Seems like many members / team workers/contractors are also clueless at this moment .

Can @stse @lij appear in an (all hands- weekly ) with the rest of the core/ teams to update the community ,about the morale and confidence of the team .while handling this issue and achieving milestone ahead.

The community require informations and confidence to make clear investment decisions ahead .

We invested our time ,money and future in the project , the team could provide us some clarity .


From my side I’d really like to receive the answer to my simple questions. But there is no one that is able to i think…

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this is a reasonable request.
Why does it say that no validators are elected to on staking dashboard??

It’s a glitch that happens occasionally. There are still ~160 elected.

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