Want Harmony Officials in Discord

Hi Core Team,

I am an investor of $ONE and NFT and other coin holders in a different project. I have noticed that No officials are present in Discord. Recently we have faced 2 Major issues, I believe the root cause of the incident is the communication gap. Now the bridge is broken, Exchange price is also not synced after that also team sharing updates in a 2-week gap. I am sorry but I would request officials to remove the communication gap between projects and the core team. And share updates regularly at least 1 update every 2 days or a daily update. Officials should present in Discord. And request the core team member to check other blockchain discord channels so those good things can be implemented in Harmony.

Although Harmony has more potential than meme coin like $DOGE it will always stay lower than that.

And I would request community if you agree with me then upvote it and help me reach the core team :pray: