All Hands September 13th, 2021

Here are the notes from our All Hands meeting yesterday September 13th, 2021. We focused on the technical team and the our ongoing Hackathon.

Technical Updates

  • RJ - RJ and the team have been working on the new upgrade which will be available from epoch 689 (Around Wed Sept 15th 2021). The following is accomplished:
  1. Staking reward are now distributed every 64 blocks to expect improvement on block time
  2. Historical vrf reading capability on vrf precompile #3846
  3. data copy EVM bug fix
  4. improvement in memory and cpu usage fixing OOM issues
  5. multiple RPC improvement with caching and block limit query mechanism

Already tested on the Testnet. We need the team to stay alert for the community as it goes live.

We are making plans for the milestone q4 with 1 second finality…More exciting stuff to come from Harmony.

Business updates

  • Li - AAVE snapshot vote is LIVE and Harmony is proposing to deploy Aave on Harmony blockchain. This vote started Friday and ends this Friday. Notably, UCLA voted for Harmony in this snapshot vote.

Harmony recently announced $300M to fund ecosystem growth to accelerate 10,000 builders, you can view this announcement HERE.
This will help more builders join Harmony and we can be more aggressive on speed and quality of teams/projects.

Stake DAO is very close to launching their validator. Uses interesting strategies to give people a higher yield.
Matcha just launched on Avalanche.

  • Sahil - Hackathon is going on now and we need to help them have success. ack and Giv are focusing on the Hackathon and creating success for all teams/participants involved, along with DAO tooling.
    We want all projects and teams to succeed and win money! They are currently working on a more scalable process for this.

  • Giv - Working on One Wallet by stripping away the fluff and getting down to the basics. He is working on making this an easy and fast experience for all users. Good progress is being made. This will allow developers to use One Wallet to build on. Easiness of use will create a lower likelihood of users abandoning the use of the wallet.

  • Jack - Yesterday was the 2nd check-in for the hackathon. A few teams have actually told us that they are almost done. Great progress is being made by these teams! There is a lot of fielding of questions and helping the teams out individually.


Harmony is spending this week at MCON in Denver.

September 14th at 1-4 PM MST we will be holding an event covering DAOS! Join us for free food and good talks on all things DAO!

We will be holding morning coffee and chatting every single day this week from 7-11 AM MST at Carbon Coffee. Please join us!

We will be attending as many events and side events as possible. We want to meet everyONE here, so if you’re in Denver come find us!