vStatsBot Add-on: Double Signing Check

Name of Project

vStatsBot Add-on: Double Signing Check

Proposal overview

With the upcoming resharding and external leader nodes, it’s known that running a backup server that is actively signing will no longer be allowed. It will in fact be a slashing event which no validator would willing want to happen.

Solution: a server side script that will grab the necessary data from the node and send this to vStats with an authenticated token. Data will include blskey list, signing mode, hostname, validator address. Data will be aquired on a predefined timebased loop and sent over to vStats. Please note: The scripts must be installed on all servers to collect the necessary data.

vStats will then compare the data from each server and ascertain whether or not there is a match:

  • Signing Mode = Normal and a Key appears on both servers.

In the event of said match the following will occur:

  • Optional alert sent out via vStatsBot to the token owner.

  • Data will be recorded for future analysis and reports if required.

Proposal ask



This is a good mechanism to start preparing for the next phase. Approved for a Bounty grant of $5K. Looking forward to the initiative to launch on Harmony’s Mainnet with the milestones above.

In case you still need this link, here’s the Harmony Funding FAQ. We’d love :blue_heart: to see weekly updates on this thread to keep the community posted on this proposal’s progress!

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Thank you for the approval.

I’ll get all forms, kyc and new multi sig sent over shortly.

I’ve been progressing with work on this script already and the data is pulled from the server via the server side script. I will next work on the logic to ascertain whether or not double signing is occurring.

Once the script is live, I’ll do a public announcement to encourage sign up participation of the script.

Example alert sent back to the validator:

this bounty has been fully funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

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Many thanks. Confirmed my end.