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WARU Protocol

Proposal overview:
We are asking to get a small investment to quickstart our Governance token launch on the Harmony Mainet.

Our vision is to bring new forms of value trough Multi-chain strategies and participation in governance.
We aim to create a fair and equitable distribution of ownership, value and control. Progressive autonomy with a community sense of ownership.Sustainability and strategies that bring value for all the Waru members.

The Waru Protocol is creating a Multi-chain governance token that stores value with bearing interest.
With the Waru Cycles, value will continuously being accrued and with this also incentivizing participation and growth trough governance.
*Stakers of $Waru can participate in governance decisions and will receive 25% of the rewards generated by the Waru Cycles.
Holders of $Waru can participate in governance decisions.

What is Waru Cycles?
The Waru Cycle is a strategic yield novel designed to generate value trough governance and reward distribution .
There is no max duration for a cycle, instead, there is a minimum of 60 days for each.
New cycle proposal can be done whenever there is enough value from the fees on the Waru Treasury, opening the possibility for multiple cycles to be created if enough demand on volume is generated.

What is Zap-Locker?
The Zap-Locker (creates lp) with $WARU tokens and other assets.
The LP is sent for the Locker-Vault and the Value Backing will keep growing and also removing circulation supply.
This creates a trustless ownership of liquidity while at same time it’s value backing grows from the fees.

Proposal ask
10 000 USD

Multisig: 0x698eb48FdD2a679A4A7AF06c1f760B0fBc802661
Waru Protocol is KYC to the Harmony core team



For transparency report,we inform that we started a NFT collection with the artist @Yoichi_NFT, first 10 exclusive units and future 2100 generative collection.
After search for audits (around 25k) and trusthworthy developers we came to agreement of making our token design fair and secure by the openswap.one standarts on github. We porposed directly to their developer (Alex) to design it and help the first distribution to be accordingly has the tokenomics mention on our post.


Looking forward to seeing this NFT x
DeFi collab! Approved for 10K by Danny as part of Project X.

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this grant has been funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer

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When’s token launch? And do you have a discord?

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Since our initial proposal a lot of things have changed and improved, here is everything we are doing:

Waru Protocol

Waru Protocol is a token based protocol dedicated to governance and DEFI, our goal is to achieve progressive decentralization and automation while creating multi-chain strategies that incentive and reward our holders.

WARU Token

Our VisionOur vision is to bring new forms of value trough Multi-chain strategies and participation in governance. Rewarding holders and stakers in a simple maner while we keep a fair distribution of ownership, value and control.

WARU Contract Address: soon

WUBI NFT Contract
Testnet: 0x0C712b95997eB957ffaC8bACB078Fa0eA67Eb679
WARrior NFT Smart Contract withdrawal Address: 0x9Fdcf9E4C3b9c8606803FAdA2734FABda2D24Dc8

WTC Multisig Adress: 0xC4ae…42F0
WTR Multisig Adress: 0x672C…14e6

The Team


DAO & DEFI Researcher

Creates vision and strategy


Community Guardian

Leader of our community


Blockchain Developer

Development of Smart Contracts


Blockchain Developer

WARU Token developer & Openswap.one developer

Contributor for token Design


$WARU is our token for governance, it stores value through our fee mechanism and makes *holders/stakers elegible to receive extra incentives through #WTC. It will be fairly distributed with no whitelists or pre-sales with the idea of achieving progressive community ownership and decentralization. Has a 0.2% fee strategically design, backed by $FRAX $UST on #WTR


The 2100 #WUBI NFT Edition is a unique edition from Waru Protocol, it will give holders a passive income (30% total generated) through our #WTC strategies, this rewards are paid in yield tokens. We are making this edition with 10 collections, 10 artists per collection and 210 NFTs per artist to make the edition more unique. We are launching our initial colletion with @Yoichi has an artist to make the initial 210 W-UBI WARrior’s

The Zap-locker (creates lp) with $WARU tokens and other assets like $FRAX and $UST for the W. Treasury Reserve. This is one of the automated smart contracts that Waru will implement with customizable asset changing ($FRAX;$UST;$ETH;$LUNA etc.), it will essentially, collect the swap fees

(99% of the 0.1%) from any swap and automatically create LP with $WARU-FRAX and send it to a multisig reserve (#WTR). This removes circulation supply while growing a liquidity that rises the floor price. Until this contract and integration is fully developed we will do it manually each 30 days

The W. Treasury Cycle is a strategic yielding novel designed to generate value trough governance and reward distribution.

  • #WUBI Holders or/and Stakers of +10k $WARU will receive 30% rewards from W. Treasury Cycles. New cycles and proposals can be made if there is enough fees on the #WTC, opening the possibility for multiple cycles to be created if enough demand on volume is generated.

MIN: 100$ to start or compound

W. Treasury Reserve will work as a buffer for the $WARU token and help with value backing and inflation. We believe that through fee locking buybacks and redistribution we don’t hold any user with locked rewards and we can potentially offset a big part of inflation. This doesn’t mean that we will not have deflationary aspects, beginning with Openswap.one being our power house that has deflationary tokenomics.

#WTR will be kept as treasury until full depletion on mining rewards ( aprox 3 years, 1095 days). At the end we will break the Lp and send the $WARU tokens accumulated again for the mining reward distribution. All the other pairs will be used to create WTC cycles that will increase massively after that day.
$WARU launch on OpenSwap.one soon!

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Whitepaper draft, is not finished but has more in dept information on our protocol:

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Less than 12h for our first #WUBI mint:

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Yes ser

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Our Token Contract is ready and is getting Audited


We have now moved to https://www.waruprotocol.one/ on the WUBI WARrior’s Launch, and currently sold out 210/210
Next Collection soon more 210 on a total of 2100 WUBI edition!


Result from the Audit:
we have make all the chenges proposed by 0xGuard and we are live on Mainet!
Waru Token: 0x59fA612968F54080aba370Fd822343c43F23C874