Web3 Summit Brussels - Driving change in politics by educating EU regulators about Web3 use cases

Web3 Summit Brussels - Creating a Crypto Lobby in Brussels by educating EU regulators about Web3 use cases

Brussels Blockchain week event - Astrocave Academy

Proposal overview


Astrocave Academy

Astrocave Academy is an online Web3 education platform, enabling content creators to interactively create Web3 content for users to practically learn about Blockchain use cases and especially DeFi.

We believe education should be fun and created an interactive learning platform, for users to playfully learn about Web3 use cases and DeFi. The goal of our platform is to create accessibility through financial education and individual onboarding paths.

Why an event?

Online education is our main driver and focus. BUT we believe in building bridges for people to create value and therefore created an offline workshop that educates people about Web3 actors and use cases. We use this workshop as entry point for institutions and enterprises, with the sole purpose of educating them about the benefits of blockchain technology.


Pitch: Web3 meets EU Regulator
Location: https://www.silo.brussels/
Size: 300 entries
Duration: 2pm-2am 22/06/22

The Workshop

The event will be held at the Brussels Blockchain Week.
We will educate future and present regulators about Web3 use cases, in order to create awareness about the benefits of using the blockchain as a decentralized system.

The Astrocave Workshop that we will play at our event in Brussels, was built on top of the 2030 SDG game. It was developed to teach players practically about Web3 use cases and implementation possibilities in society. We will hold the workshop as part of our event at the Brussels Blockchain Week, with the purpose of bridging Web3 and European politics through education. The workshop is restricted to 25 people, who will be a mix of future politicians, present politicians and 10 places for free on Eventbrite.

The Panels

Following up on our workshop, we will have an open event for Web3 creators and founders from chains like; Radix, Chainlink and potentially more, holding panels on Web3 and the challenges we face with regulations. After the main panels, we will have an on-stage debate between a Web3 CEO and Christophe de Beukelaer. Christophe was the one who invited us to the Blockchain Week in the heart of EU politics and the first EU deputy to convert his salary into Bitcoin. The debate will touch important points of the current status in politics, to create an environment in which Web3 actors and regulators can communicate.

The Chilibangs Afterparty:

The event in Brussels is co-organized by Chilibangs and Astrocave Academy with the purpose of creating an environment in which Web3 interests can be communicated to politicians.

The Afterparty includes:

  • 1 DJ set
  • Dance floor
  • Light-Show
  • Food and Beverages
  • Interactive VR sets




  • 12K SILO venue
  • 4K F&B
  • 3K Technical support
  • 3K Panel incentivization & Marketing
  • 1.5K 2 Security
  • 1.5K Decoration cost

Metrics for success

  1. Having secured 300 attendees at the event.
  2. Onboarding officially 100 users to the Chilibangs Ecosystem on Harmony.
  3. Contract 2 official partnerships with political institutions in the name of Astrocave Academy.
  4. Achieve 100 pre-registration for Beta-launch of Astrocave Academy.

External links

Event Pitch: Web3 meets EU Regulator
Astrocave Dapp: [Astrocave.vercel.app]
Astrocave Website: [Astrocave.Academy]
Chilibangs Website: Chilibangs.com
Brussels Blockchain Week: https://be.linkedin.com/company/brusselsblockchainconferencea


This sounds Amazing!!!


I‘m looking forward to it!! Let’s gooo


I have met members of the European Commission before. You’d be surprised by how knowledgeable they are about may web3 issues. I am not sure how this event benefits Harmony – specifically Harmony. Can you explain?

Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and assigned to @essalacher on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.

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Ofc ser,

    1. You are quite correct, they are knowledgeable. Enough so that we can arrange the event together. The course focuses on both present and prospective politicians, so that the teaching is effectively split.

The objective is to educate these knowledgeable individuals with actionable and practical information so that they can reproduce, execute, and maintain the transformation brought about by the Web3 ecosystem.

    1. Harmony will be able to defend their interests before and with EU authorities, plus they will be able to integrate consumers and developers into their ecosystem.

Harmony will have a media presence and a privileged panel slot, ensuring that EU political attendees are able to listen to Harmony’s ideas and intentions. The place is great for networking and creating synergies between different actors.

Chilibangs will have it’s Harmony launch party, and the NFT´s for attending the Chilibangs Afterparty will be minted on Harmony chain. We will reunite all types of builders and if Harmony is keen to collaborate with us, we can even set up a funnel for builders to register for Harmony online-events, bounties, open-positions or grants just like this one.

Mostly, Harmony will benefit from creating connections with great people in the political and Web3.

If you are keen on giving some more feedback on how you understood it would benefit Harmony, i´d be interested to know.

Thank you very much!

Would love feedback from the team on the proposal.

Also, I want to understand how the Harmony team integrates developers and users into the ONE ecosystem at events in order to better our own setups for the Brussels Blockchain Week event.

Have a wonderful day​:rocket::tophat:

25k for a panel slot so Harmony can help you launch your NFT project? And this slot is “privileged” to getting it access to the EU?

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No, 25K for a panel slot would be way overhead. The NFT’s are just for the entry to the Afterparty ser.

The 25K are for:

  1. Chilibangs is launching his ecosystem on Harmony on our event. This will give builders and creatives an entry point to ONE and help grow ecosystem.

  2. If Harmony accepts to sponsor the event, they will be the face of the event: Media presence, panel, and other (explained in the pitch)

  3. The money raised will be used for all expenses in regards to venue and organization of the progress. (See above) :handshake:

  4. Harmony will get privileged access European actors in form of the panel (speaking in front of them) + direct contact through presenting them to the organizers of Brussels Blockchain Week.

If you have any feedback on how to practically improve the proposal for Harmony Team and community, we can always look at how to achieve something big together. :handshake::handshake::rocket:

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Berlin and Lisbon based community that always spreads the love and education where they go! I know these guys and they are really amazing :gem:

100% stronk degens

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Only created my account for them so Astrocave can go and educate some regulatooooooooooors

LFG Astrofam

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Sounds great! Good value for money.

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Thank you for your interest and for bringing this to our forum, @Degen030
Unfortunately, we are not sponsoring any events at this time. We sincerely apologize for the dilemma and wish you the best in your initiatives.
We welcome you to check back on the forum for more updates regarding events funding status. :blue_heart:

We look forward to seeing your courses launch, and hope you continue to share your education initiatives with us!

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