Weekly Community Content Awards

This is an offshoot of the community grants program: Community Grants Program.

The idea is to give awards to the creators of the best content created by the community every week. Each week 4 pieces of community generated content will be nominated for the award by the Harmony team. These pieces of content will be shared on twitter along with a poll for which piece of content is the best. 1st place will receive $20 of ONE tokens, second place $10 and the other two will get an honorable mention of $5.

The winner’s post will be promoted and shared more widely, and optionally we can do a community member spotlight on the winner. Optionally, there can be a theme assigned at the beginning of the week that designates what topics are eligible to be awarded. This allows the team to direct community efforts towards key initiatives such as a key network milestone or a program like Stake Heist.

The goal is to incentivize the creation of more community generated content. Such content carries more weight than content created by the team because it comes from 3rd parties. Second of all, it becomes a point of engagement every week through the weekly twitter poll and surrounding content that gets created.

Open to feedback about any ways this could be improved. Whether it’s the process or the reward amounts, please let me know your thoughts!


Love this idea!

I think that having the team select a certain topic which they wish to highlight. This would help the team steer the conversation towards content which will support their marketing goals, as well as short term objectives. E.g. this week it would likely be about Stake Heist. Next week might be about the new autonode.

This also helps keep the larger community who doesn’t necessarily stalk the various chats, stay up to date with the latest developments, merely by reading the target topic(s)