Why Harmony has a unique ONE address format?

If Harmony is evm-compatible, why does the team create a separate ONE address format? It’s confusing sometimes.

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One address is in Bech32 format.

Bech32 is a segwit address format specified by BIP 0173. This address format is also known as “bc1 addresses”. Bech32 is more efficient with block space. so helps the speed of Harmony transactions easier.

Also Bech32 addresses are entirely lower case , so rather than mixed case, users have an easier time sharing them and typing them in. If a user does make an error when inputting an address, Bech32 addresses also enable you to identify which characters are likely incorrect.

Although, not many people type addresses.


But also, each Bech32 Address can easily be converted and used as an Eth 0x style address.

This means you get the best of both worlds… I often work with 0x addresses and it is a simple function to convert, or you can go to explorer.harmony.one and you can switch the different styles there!