Address derivative path?

I have noticed that the Harmony wallet doesn’t generate the same address as my Ethereum wallet.

What’s the derivative path of Harmony by default?

Harmony uses Bech32 addresses…

You can find the ETH address by visiting and using the toggle between ETH/ONE

@Maffaz What I mean is Ethereum-style address.

Every ONE address has a bech32 format one1abababab... and an ETH format 0xaBaBaB...

They are both the same and you can toggle between the 2 on using the ‘Address Style’ option


@Maffaz I know there’re two different address styles.
Using the same BIP39 seed, I get different ETH address in Metamask and Harmony One Wallet.

According to rhis message, ONE Wallet and Ledger uses Harmony’s derivation path of m/44’/1023’/0’/0/0
developers (


That works. Thanks @PHBA2061


Hi, I mistakenly sent wrapped ONE from a ledger smartchain wallet to a ledger harmony one wallet on the old chrome extension and I’ve been trying to get it back. I tried using MyCrypto because it lets you enter a custom derivation path and I was hoping that after entering the path you showed it would show the correct wallet address and let me connect, but it does not, it does not accept m/44’/1023’/0’/0 , is there another wallet that would accept there m/44’/1023’/0’/0 derivation path that also works with the smartchain so I can sent my ONE back to the smartchain wallet?

Thank you,
David P.

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I reached out to Ledger support and this solution given by them worked in my case where I sent wrapped ONE to my old ledger harmony chrome extension wallet and could not send it back:

  1. Go into the Ledger Live Settings > Experimental features > Enabled Developer mode

  2. Go into My Ledger and install the ETH Recovery app

  3. Install Tally Ho or “Taho”

  4. Choose “Use Existing wallet”

  5. Connect your Ledger to it with the Ethereum Recovery app opened

  6. On the Select Ledger Accounts window, click on the Derivation path drop-down field.

  7. Click “Add custom path”

  8. In the Label field, type Harmony then click on the empty Custom path field.

  9. Input the following path m/44’/1023’/0’/0 (you just need to type 1023, then 0 and 0)

  10. Click Add derivation path.

  11. Select the custom derivation path you added.

Your account 0x256xxxxxxxxxx3r7L9 (changed wallet address) should appear.

Select it and click “Connect selected”.

  1. Change the network to BNB Chain

  2. You should now be able to see your ONE token on your BSC account

  3. I could not see my wrapped ONE, but I could connect to pancake swap with Taho and I could see my wrapped ONE there

  4. I didn’t know if I could send it directly and didn’t want to research it so I swapped the wrapped ONE for BNB, sent the BNB to Binance and swapped it there for ONE (not wrapped ONE) and sent it to my current wallet

  5. Enjoyed watching my old ONE and current ONE reunited

I hope this helps anyone that may have the same or a similar issue.

Good, because I’m not sure you could have sent anything but native ONE. That was the right move I think.
Quite possible you dodged a bullet there.

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