Xenon Finance Launch Grant

I asked this as question


awesome work, love the effort you are putting into it

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ye discussed this as well.

Harmony only requests a KYC so that they do not fund a rugger twice. Not to actually protect the community cause it is “too much trouble” to contact foreign agencies when a rugger does not live in the same country as harmony.

giving out the KYC info also does not work as it is “illegal”.

So harmony is requesting KYC mostly to hold a bit of theatre play.

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Ok, I see and thank you for your reply. For transparency, Harmony team could have explicitly disclosed the purposes of KYC.

Alrighty, I’ve spent numerous hours interpreting and mapping out the key transactions that illustrate exactly how BIG of a problem this scam really is. The result: I have found a direct correlation between Gluestick’s wallet and another wallet that has been scamming for over 2 years and that has a total of over 1,000,000 of token value today. The wallet interacts with projects on multiple blockchains and has gotten away with it this entire time due to no accountability.


Dude. You’re good. Really good.


Now the fun part….Finding someone that will hold this person accountable for their actions. You’re an asset to this community. Raising awareness is an important step to creating a change. Thank you :pray:t3:

Thank you so much for your investigative work and efforts :pray: :+1:

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I’m operating on the founded assumption that MKS = Gluestick (of the recently rugged Xenon Fi). After hours of research and mapping, I have found their preferred fiat offramps and have begun reporting to the exchanges. So far it’s



BinanceUS…it means that the person of interest is in USA.

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Update, I am contacting many CEX today and reporting, and then reporting to law enforcement. Kudos to Binance for spending over an hour with me to sort this out and placing a temp lock on the account


Is there anything we can do to help you?

Well, you could show some support by providing feedback on my bounty! I am really wanting to start this as a discussion to explore whether the community and the core team actually want this kind of work to take place. It is not very exciting stuff tbh.


I’ll close the thread as it’s rugged. As usual, thank you @Pioneer, and all that supported the investigation.