ZKU scholars at EthAmsterdam

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About 10-15 of current ZKU students and teaching staff will attend EthAmsterdam (including DevConn). The students will participate in events, including one organized by Harmony. One teaching staff will speak at the event, to explain and promote ZKU. This is timely because we are currently promoting hard for the enrollment for the next cohort (May-June). This will help to showcase some of our current projects, and to make connections with other ZK developer groups (e.g. ETH AppliedZK).

Proposal ask

We are requesting 25k euros in total, to support 10 students at 2.5k euros each. zkDAO will contribute extra funds for traveliing for teaching staff, and for additional students to attend.

Metrics for success

Our primary goal is to promote ZKU at the event and attract new enrollments for the next cohort. We aim to enroll at least 20 developers for our next cohort at the event.

Additional, we will give a talk on ZKU at the event.

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Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned and the team will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:

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Hello @hakwan!

Approved for 25K euros

Meanwhile, to prepare receiving funds, email your identification documents to kyc@harmony.one

Checkout the Funding FAQ for further info at Harmony Funding FAQ

We’d love :blue_heart: to continue seeing weekly updates on this channel to keep the community posted here on the events progress!

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Hello @Mattyontap @essalacher,

This is a brief update on ZKU scholars at EthAmsterdam.

Our goal as zkDAO is to support the best students to go to conferences after they graduate from the course. This allows them to showcase their skills that they learned through the course and to meet great people from all around the world. We decided to reimburse only those students who launched their ZKU final project on the testnet on time.

Some of our students attended the hackathon, while others went to side events and listened to the various talks. Events that we attended are: zkSummit, Modular Summit, Applied ZKP Workshop. Students had a chance to hear about new research advancements and concepts within the space, especially regarding Zero-Knowledge. 6 students who successfully launched their ZKU final project on testnet and applied for the hackathon were reimbursed for the expenses of travel and accommodation. List of reimbursed students:

  • Tal Derei
    Stayed: April 17th-April 25th
    Traveling from: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
    Transaction: 0x3e1cc980acef66ecb198d79bd3b3d25e4e8f3b08dabe792fc2c9cd3532d64643

  • Jan-Hendrik Ruettinger
    Stayed: 04/16 - 04/27
    Traveling from: SF
    Transaction: 0x2e7838cb24ab69aaf991e52b6de77d1a4944514587706b7796299ba5901647ef

  • Uladzislau Radkevich
    Stayed: April 20 - April 25
    Traveling from: Krakow, Poland
    Transaction: 0xc200f1810fa6604854fb0db4cd9b6adec9f51c2283ac27e92e3ce617df2500f9

  • Tomoaki Imai
    Stayed: 4/18 - 4/25
    Traveling from: Japan
    Transaction: 0xa6a4fe1a08b7dca8dc79e15dd4bdbe313b5203f91595e9e5c0ff88bb098da4a0

  • Kai Harris
    Stayed: April 22 - April 25th
    Traveling from: UK
    Transaction: 0x0a09e50632b6f66580c2b61fe5d9ad6d7d02afea10a21ad5be91f306bb65c8b9

  • Aleksandar Hadzibabic
    Stayed: 4/21 - 4/25
    Traveling from: Serbia
    Transaction: 0x503bafa9d60e88ef7465bb2eda184819bfb0bfdbf44a0735da46cb574386f53c

Reference for the future
From this experience we learned that students usually don’t have much time for hacking, because they are still working on their final projects. For the future conferences we aim to prepare better at the DAO level. We will organize a team of zkDAO members that are willing to attend hackathons. Also, few members of zkDAO unfortunately couldn’t come to Amsterdam because of visa issues. For the next conferences we will prepare a bit more in advance, so that everybody can go.

Pictures from the event

We spent 10500$ to reimburse students. This is the address of zkDAO multisig wallet that we paid students from: 0xBE962c1d09140Fe3cd74618A98FA58ca3d3fc4aB

                            I am writing this as a governor of zkDAO, 
                            Aleksandar Hadzibabic.

Just to add to previous comment. We accidentally left out one student. We paid him 1500$ for reimbursement.

Student info:

  • Mohsen Ahmadvand
    Stayed: 4/15 - 4/21
    Traveling from: Germany
    Transaction: 0xa36aa60e4a323e11f48bafc59a23363a51800b91a7aa1946846816ff4b86ebc3

                                                  Aleksandar Hadzibabic.

funded: 0xade12761b551ac5861a8e2b9a84cd67930cad4c61c4f4f3ac4e80fda6cc278b4