A Harmony Community Sentiment Report- May'22

Yes Harmony has talked the talk… WHEN will they start walking the walk? WHEN will we start seeing tangible, reportable results?

It has been a few days now since my Reddit post and I haven’t seen anything meaningful about my situation as of yet. Crickets, yet again.

But I will tell you what. I will only wait so long and I will be back on Reddit doing a follow up and that will absolutely blow up the Reddit community into a frenzy, I am sure. It is already apparent Reddit is watching my situation very closely. There is absolutely no excuse for how I have been treated with my project. And there is absolutely no excuse for why I haven’t been paid yet.

Since my Reddit post, I have found out Harmony has never had anything in place to manage the forums or provide structured support for the grants (Mind blowing. Too busy partying at the conferences? I seen the hypetv video of you guys all dressed up like little rock stars partying it up. Shameful. You should have all been embarrassed). So now I am being forced to sit and wait for how long (a few more months?) when I entered into an agreement on a 90 day timeframe. I don’t think it is fair or honest, to be frank. What will make me extremely angry is if Harmony makes me wait and I lose out big on a market change before I get paid. I will be FURIOUS if your lack of action on my bounty costs me thousands of dollars. This is also holding up my planned progress to increase my presence on the Harmony block chain (if I even bother at this point) as I am planning on using a portion of my payment to start my own validator node. As far as being paid… In my case, I believe Harmony should set aside my ONE at the current market value, staked, to pay me when they decide they are finally open for business on the grants and bounties.

I want to know a timeline… HOW LONG do I have to wait for Harmony to organize, evaluate my bounty and pay me? You should be able to provide me with AN EXACT DATE.

From my experience dealing with the Harmony Team, I will guarantee you that I get NO REAL RESPONSE to this. At best I will get lip service explaining how they have to organize, hold meetings about holding meetings to discuss when it is time to hold a meeting.

I’m doing my best to not literally explode on Harmony but my fuse is growing shorter by the day. If you didn’t want to follow through and pay me, you should have never approved my bounty. I don’t want to get ugly over this but I will if that is what it takes to get paid. I’m not going to curl up and let you guys walk all over me.


@sick_of_this I can guarantee that Harmony is 100% not listening. I’ve been to every Tuesday DAO meeting including the new 1DAO Meetings since April.

Everyone is silent. No one wants to bite the hand that feeds them. They’re all asking for funding.

Sam said, “Just post your proposal up again and see if there’s positive community sentiment”. He literally said that last week.

Please, Harmony Community, if you are reading this know that I can attest 100% that the Harmony Core Team is NOT listening. Morale for the DAOs are currently extremely low. Barely anyone talks in the 1DAO meetings unless they’re called upon. And when they are, they are given really questionable “political” answers that are not even answers but complete and total evasion to any answer.


I have zero involvement with any DAO, but I know the team that is in charge and they are listening and doing something about it. @Sam @lij can speak more to it

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I like Harmony. Please. Let’s all just get along.

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I’m just now seeing this and I don’t know the context.

Who was in charge of your bounty?

What’s the link to bounty forum post?

I can push hard internally so we do right by you.


This is the same answer I get every time a new Harmony official sees one of my posts and nothing has happened yet. And I have been trying to communicate with Harmony over my bounty for 2 months now. The OP on this post knows my situation very well.

Refer to here:

And Here:


Ok, thanks. I’ll push hard right now. I apologize for your bad experience. It’s not you, it’s us. I’ll make sure this gets fixed asap


Good luck! I appreciate the apparent concern but I won’t be holding my breath. It wouldn’t be good for the headache I already have from this situation.

Update: I wrote @Jacksteroo who approved the bounty to make sure you get paid asap.

Again, we’re very sorry. No excuses. This has been a terrible developer experience and we should be ashamed because of it.


To be honest I am more concerned about this never happening again. About Harmony stepping up and getting involved where the real gears are turning. It should be one of Harmony’s highest priorities to provide the most active developer support system in the crypto space and nothing less. The developers are the ones that bring value to ONE.


Did you ever submit to harmony.one/grant-funding? If not, do it now.



I knew about stuff like this but had never done something like this myself haha. Learnt a lot of stuff from scratch for it but a very “worth it” project for me personally

Thank you so much @Maddog77!

This was done entirely to benefit the community and I did it knowing there’s no monetary incentive so keeping in spirit with that, I will not take any donations.

That said if someone wants to buy me a $10 pizza, let me know! I’ll post proof right here in the forum haha


In order for any organization or project to hope to succeed it requires (at a minimum) talented and focused individuals to work cohesively and cooperatively toward a common goal.

Through your posted examples, you and @ILL_DIE_TRYING seem to be the type of genuinely loyal, dedicated, hard working, transparent and attention-to-detail contributors that any project needs to succeed and continuously thrive.

Note, I’m currently a community observer and forum participant only and not an official contributor or Harmony team member. However, I’ve managed teams that require all of the above traits and I understand how extremely difficult it can be to find even one or two of those noted qualities in individual team members.

I hope Harmony does what they need to in order to ensure you both remain involved at a high level as members of and contributors to this great and promising community and project.

I’ve also seen individuals on teams who are overwhelmed with work tasks and communications coming at them from multiple fronts and it becomes impossible to properly prioritize and respond appropriately, especially if there are mitigating circumstances causing a backlog and even handcuffing action.

While communication NEEDS to happen in these situations, often it does not and very important pieces - crucial pieces even - fall through the cracks. That is invariably due to overload on individuals within teams related to failure to properly scale. Simply put, too much work, not enough resources.

We are all human beings with limitations and those limitations are often pressed by the very organizations and projects we are working so hard to propel to success.

It’s not an excuse but a reality that DAOs (which are not all bad, btw) and Web3 in theory want to ease by creating autonomous organizations where more like-minded contributors cohesively work less to achieve a greater common goal, propelled by technological functionality (I.e. smart contracts). The greatest challenge may be doing so in a truly decentralized manner. We’re not there yet.

In these situations, hopefully integrity prevails and proper steps are taken to not only repair specific situations but to find a solution to the root cause, preventing recurrence. Otherwise, failure is the ultimate result.


“Who from the community and Harmony team verified your milestone?”

This is for grants, not bounties. My answer here would be nobody.

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this is where I drawn my line

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Where do I send the pizza? And not some cheap $10 one either… tell me what you like.

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Thanks for the references @dpagan-harmony!

I have checked both those reports when they were made and they are very important referential material that I think we’ll be looking back at in the future.

I’m hoping to continue my own more “data-analytics” focused reports and keep improving on it in the future!

Ayy the pizza thing was half in jest haha

That said $10 gets you REALLY good pizza since I live in a third-world country where stuff is “cheap” in terms of USD values.

Great report @sick_of_this! Your passion is greatly appreciated :blue_heart: