About the Bounties category

1000 Bounties ($30M).

Hunters of each bounty can be anonymous and without commitment. Harmony helps define the scopes, the estimated hours and the deliverables of tasks.

We recommend $10K-$200K as a bounty’s reward, small teams of 1-3 persons engaging over 3-12 weeks, and effective hourly rates of $110-$185 – focusing on engineering tasks for our systems, networks, protocols, tools, middle-wares, and services.

In contrast, our development DAOs can manage tasks smaller than $10K while business DAOs can incentivize non-technical tasks.


Where do I find these bounties? i want to participate in some of them pls


me too, I’m a frontend developer.

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We have some bounties here from the vdao and each bounty is in the issues category of the bounties repo.

There are more than this list but they are all front end…