Developer community participation for bounties

Currently, only Harmony team is creating and evaluating bounties: Issues · harmony-one/bounties · GitHub. Many developers wanted and suggested their wishlist of bounties. So, we want to invite our developer community to also participate in:

  • creating valuable bounties
  • supporting the created bounties with likes and comments, so that team (later developer DAO) can select and publish them in gitcoin
  • working on the bounties, and even
  • evaluating the bounties

We value your time and efforts, hence each of the above contributions will be sufficiently rewarded using a mechanism which will be put forth by the developer captains in the coming weeks. Let us know you opinion and suggestion on this. Thanks.


@ganesha most of my issues would revolve around creating documentation and tutorials which is something you addressed on the call and Talk Harmony Post.

Would you still want request for tutorials to be posted on Harmony Github Issues

Agree 100% , involving community members will is the right step to scale


@devonart bounties for improving the documentation (including but not limited to tutorials) will be posted in Issues · harmony-one/bounties · GitHub, the bounty outcome will add the content to Tutorials - Harmony via PR to GitHub - harmony-one/docs-home: Harmony Documentation repository. In terms of the tutorials, we are mainly looking to get the get examples from Ethereum Development Tutorials | ported over to harmony. This will immensely help the developers (web3 as well as web2 developers). Let me know if this clarify your doubt.

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@ganesha Thank you for clarification, I had one more question as far as tutorials if you run into problems where would we get additional feedback from.

@devonart under the tutorial bounty GitHub issue or here you may get clarification.