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Hello, is there any job on for marketing this great project on Twitter?


My name is Rob Dawson. I’m currently looking for a job :slightly_smiling_face: I’m not a developer but I’m a good people person, fast learner, team member, marketer and take pride in everything I do.

Most of my life I’ve done skilled labor from doing flooring installation for 17 years to painting anything from a 130’ yacht to a dingy for another 7 years. The older I get I’ve realized that I can’t rely on my body to handle the physical abuse that I’ve always put it through.

Thankfully I found blockchain early this year and shortly after found Harmony Protocol. I’ve always heard about Bitcoin but never really knew what was behind it. Since getting into the blockchain technology, I can’t stop wanting to learn more about it!

I have experience in-
Being the Admin of groups, moderating and getting people to join.
I became a validator and have been learning Linux
I designed my first website that you can checkout PeaceLoveHarmony.ONE
I’ve been doing everything possible to build a strong presence on all social media platforms
Audio engineering

I’m looking for a job that will keep me working from home and have the freedom to manage my node and assist my delegates when needed. If there’s anything out there that you feel I’d be a good fit for, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


Thank you for reading :blue_heart:

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Glad to connect with you, I like the concept of Harmony and will like to be a part of the team.

I am a professional Community manager and a graphics designer.

I have worked for several notable projects like Unicrypt, Pathfund, Coin Oracle, KingDefi, Unifarm and many more.

I can moderate the community while ensuring the community members stay motivated or as a grahics designer.
I have also got some marketing knowledge which I think would be useful.

I work 8 hours daily and I am available 0700pm UTC - 0300am UTC.
However, I am flexible, I can fit into any time zone given.

I look forward to discuss with you, the modus operandi of the operation.

Kindly view my profile on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arowolo-bashiru-35b087131/

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