About the Naija DAO category

Nigerian Ecosystem Governance

How far!

This is the Harmony Naija DAO category where all issues of governance, subsequent proposals, voting and ratification of charter, amendments etc, will be done.

Use the following paragraphs for a longer description, or to establish category guidelines or rules:

  • this category will be used by all members of the Harmony Nigeria (Naija) DAO and all members of the harmony community to discuss, suggest, amend, ratify and approve important decisions, achievements and successes of the Harmony Naija DAO.
  • This category is different from all others as it is unique to the Harmony Naija DAO and to the Nigerian people.
  • Topics will generally center around our 3 core mandates: BuidLing : educate members, develop sustainable products and services on Harmony.
    Participation : grow an active community representation of buidLers, validators, and increase crypto adoption.
    Decentralization : Facilitate the creation of more DAOs around common goals.
  • Yes we do need this category.
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Nice piece. It is my opinion that this DAO will go a long way to provide inclusion for many previously excluded Nigerians and further improve the visibility of the harmony one blockchain project.