Voting for election community-led meet-ups!

The voting for the community-led Harmony Africa Meetup is now OPEN until Friday, March 4th (end of the day)!

We invited the community to offer their ideas for community-led meetups that align with the DAO’s mission, emphasize ethics, and spread technical knowledge and awareness of Harmony technology. We received numerous applications, and we ask you to choose today between those applications that were complete and met the eligible criteria.

Please vote up to three projects! The top 5 out of 6 proposals will be accepted. Winners will be announced through Telegram, Discord and Twitter. Be sure to follow both channels for the latest updates!

How can I vote?

  1. Review carefully each of the pre-selected applications in the document here (Harmony Africa Meetup Applications 28 Feb.pdf - Google Drive )!
  2. Vote for your top 3 projects hereunder!

Voting is open until Friday evening (en of the day). Remember, 5 out of 6 projects will be selected.

  • 1.- Harmony Blockchain Conference Or Harmony Blockchain Lagos Meet-Up
  • 2: Building Harmony Community Of Solana Developers And Users In Ghana
  • 3: Harmony Fair Meetup
  • 4: New Connections
  • 5: Web3Ladies X Harmony Africa presents ‘The Web3 International Women’s Day 2022 conference’
  • 6: Harmony Blockchain For Builders

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Note: Please note that in the near future, votes will take place on snapshot, meaning that you will need to hold a wallet with ONEs. However, since this was not yet announced, we will keep things simple this time :slight_smile: . We will soon give quick trainings on how to open a wallet


Good proposals there.


Seeing the 1st option for vote this

I believe the Harmony NaijaDAO already have Lagos meetup as a the next physical meet for the meet after the Benin based on community votes.
I will expect the Africa DAO to working with and back the NaijaDAO on this roadmap. If we are Harmony, then we should be one.


Agreed, the more we collaborate across DAOs, the better. In the past Africa DAO has already collaborated with HER DAO for example.