Report on Harmony Naija DAO's Lagos Meetup


Harmony Naija DAO, a Regional DAO in the Harmony Ecosystem, held its Second Physical Meetup in April, 2022. This is to satisfy laid down requirements for all Regional DAOs and funding deliverables, as established by the Harmony DAO Ops Team.

Out of the huddle, heat and traffic stress in the city of Lagos, The Harmony Naija DAO had its second physical meetup. The meetup was graced with participants from different locations in and outside lagos. The meetup was held at Smart X business hub community hall, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Road, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. on Saturday the 2nd of April, 2022. We had 37 people in attendance and members for Harmony ZK university excluding the three Governors on ground to coordinate the event and others who joined virtually to include members of the Harmony Core team. The theme of the Meetup was, “BLOCKCHAIN AND DAOS: Redefining The Future of Work.” The event was a success, with several keynote sessions that bordered around DAOs, Web3, Blockchain, and its future here in Nigeria. Some of the speakers at the event included Marvel Ogoke, Software Developer at Cry8; Tosin Shada from zKU. We were joined virtually by @frwrdslosh from Harmony Core Team, and @Symphony.One, a Governor in the DAO and CPO of SymphonyONE.

The Program started with an introduction of 9 Governors of the DAO. The three Governors present were introduced to the community members present, while the others had their pre-recorded introductory video played for the community. Dominic, a Governor with the DAO, spoke briefly about the DAO mandate. He went on further to introduce each of the current Governors, stating how their skills, qualifications, and abilities have helped the DAO thrive thus far. Mr Tosin Shada, a representative of Harmony’s Zero Knowledge University, gave the first keynote session. He spoke about the zero-knowledge concept, Harmony’s ZK University, and how its mission and goals can benefit the community, and Nigerians in general, especially Web3 developers and those transitioning into the space.

@frwrdslosh, from the Harmony DAO Ops Team, also gave an important talk during his session of the program. He spoke on “Introduction To Harmony Protocol & DAOs”, highlighting how it is shaping the future of work. One take home point he mentioned was that DAOs are not just here as a buzzword that would fade, and that the possibilities that DAOs present and the problems they solve are massive. It was a real swell time during his session, which was a virtual one.

Cheta also had a virtual session during the meetup, which was titled, “Redefining The Future Of Work”. This session touched on the evolution of work from the Industrial Revolution through to the Digital Revolution. He also spoke about new roles emerging to meet current skill gaps that exist, and how community members can position themselves for this. Being a Validator with the Harmony Protocol, he pointed out that his current trajectory would not have been conceived without the Web3 evolution. He highlighted how the community can leverage the opportunities the DAO presents to create local and global value, build wealth, solve problems, and achieve social impact.

There were other speakers who came up to interact with the community members:

Marvel Ogoke spoke about Web3 from a Developer’s perspective, with the topic title: “Blockchain: An Integral Part Of Our Evolution.”

@brodaGreen spoke on “Harmony Naija DAO: Your Neighbourhood Blockchain Community”, where he walked the community through the DAOs growth, from its conception, and all its achievements and growths up until now.

Seyi’s session was a practical one, where he taught on Interacting With The Blockchain: Exchanges, Trading, HODLing. This featured a live chart analysis of $ONE coin, and he stated the important use cases of the coin, urging community members to “DCA into this great project.”

We had Q&A sessions, AMA sessions with each of the speakers, and fun and games sessions with ONE and Merch prizes for the winners… There was also more information on the forthcoming hackathon (which has been done as at the time of publishing the report), and clarity on general DAO operations, Harmony as a Blockchain Protocol, and the roles of community members in DAO growth.

You can have a look at the program activities in detail here

The link to the meet up can also be found on the DAO’s Youtube page. Harmony Naija DAO Meetup 2.0 (Lagos State) - YouTube

Report on prize winnings being disbursed and confirmation of transactions as updated by @Irene can be seen below.


S/N Telegram Username Prize Wallet Address Status Tx Hash
1 @Behi_Osose 200 ONE one1c2gf5xaenghxxdazfy0tsghsr2cue5jea2mnyj DONE 0xb624e5b0708196b98de1a45bbd7d73a219ae50f72b67cc62bcd3b395206b2b52
2 @youngzeus 10 ONE 0x6D967BBA38086C40b257E9A1BE07952427d75e98 DONE 0x8983c87cb97fe42f9a2bee140650d0cea8643abc23b558f34bfdd3ae35f6213e
3 @priimme 100 ONE 0xdee987FB2897975ed9333a2146C9b44d037447F3 DONE 0x9b368083c4022abac7dbd6ac1dd5a845558c1d893729534d19750f267ee35081
4 @Tobe Iroroh 200 ONE 0x81BabAC5B91F4D23E32fE8520Fb0140C85ccc9fa DONE 0xc3d1f4caf247a1ad04c0a1e3f771d0a1ee9bd3453d8480a3e8221c59d55eed6d
5 @Evahns 120 ONE one1ug3hq3dt5f5vkhv76lgw2y4guuzr4h52gc7fgv DONE 0x9b9f14f2529291d9bfae2e20d7617742160e2d7b690b0e3b7309e95573a4936f
6 Xavier 220 ONE 0x00d609ff9F539d69b7C32ac6C49027E9880421bD DONE 0xc5f948eea00a5aac5014c995e11fde4671f0b8924ae243218fba222f7be73885
4 Niyola 200 ONE 0x1E68636E5CF8BdDA9dbAB95A1ED9af0875B79038 DONE 0xd8487765e59fcca8394cd40210c1f888c994eea928800d71985db4ac23738ed8


The meetup was a success with so much value gained and added. The success of the meetup could not have been achieved without the efforts of the community members, as they were involved in media coverage, refreshments, and logistics. The Harmony Naija DAO is focused on learning and growing as a community, building step by step and doing much more from here on. Our plans for the community regarding Blockchain Education, Developer Trainings, Product Building, Validator Bootstrapping have not changed, and we are geared up, as we continue this great and fulfilling journey.


Amazing work from the Harmony Naija DAO.
Really happy to be part of this amazing community.