Account hacked

My account hacked and trying to drain my one tokens. Please help

Is your ONE delegated and locked up?

yes but they undelegated it and I don’t know when it will be ready to move. They will try to steal it then

First thing to do then is delegate it again, you can redelegate the following epoch after it was undelegated. It takes 7 epochs to unlock and be available in your wallet.
There is a program out there that you can use to get it moved to another wallet as soon as it’s available.
I would definitely redelegate asap.

I sent tokens to my harmony one extension and they were drained by harmony support. Any ideas

Yes, there’s no harmony support, it was a scam.

Any idea who to talk to from Harmony. I need to protect my wallet before it gets undelegated.

I’m not exactly sure who to ask but I’d start in their discord server.

They have the tools to help but sometimes refer people to services provided by community members for a fee.

Any DMs you get on telegram or discord are most likely scams, so only ask and reply in their chats.

yes. dont rely on miracle solution
there is no way to recover once hacked
those offering miracle solution is scam
i just had 3 PM from scam of similar attempt from my hacked post in this forum
is there a place to ban this scammers?

There’s plenty of ways to recover if you’re hacked and they are unstaking. Ask the team on discord and they have options or can route you to someone who can attempt to recover your funds for a fee.

There’s no way to recover if you’re hacked and they transferred funds out of your wallet already.

All DMs on here are scams as this site is not moderated much anymore. In fact, if you ever publicly post “I’ve been hacked” you’ll get DMs from more scammers as they know you’re an easy target.

The only good place to ask is in the official Harmony discord but don’t take DMs there either as you’ll be contacted by more scammers.

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