I Can't Undelegate My One to My Metamask Wallet

Heya! So I’ve been struggling for weeks trying to unstake my ONE tokens on the main net that I have staked to the CheekyOne validator. When I go to claim rewards, undelegate or transfer funds, I get the window with the options of “Harmony Browser Extension (Deprecated)” or “Ledger Nano”. Obviously the first option can’t be used. The ledger option just keeps loading with no change and on the ledger it says “waiting for commands…”.

I originally staked the tokens using the harmony browser extension, and now, they seem to be stuck there. I have imported my original harmony address to my metamask wallet.

I have the harmony app installed on the ledger and have been able to transfer tokens from other wallets to the ledger and vice-versa.

Does anyone have any idea on how I can get my tokens off the main net and into my Meta mask wallet or ledger?? Please help <3

Still yet to fix the issue? @Crozzy

Still yet to fix the issue

Log out of the site and login using Metamask.

You’ll also want to make sure to remove the old chrome wallet extension, it was deprecated 18 months ago and is insecure.

Thank you. I contacted the support team and they undelegated it manually as something had truly messed up in my wallet. Think I’m just a rare case :sweat_smile:

I hate to be the one to tell you but there is no support teams capable of manually undelegating. This is unfortunately a scam whereby you have likely given access to your wallet to a third party.

Anyone else reading this please do not give control of your wallet onto any other platform when contacted by ‘support’ it is a scam.

Actually na someone did help me and I have all my tokens back :blush:

Make sure to setup a fresh wallet then, as I mentioned above, no one else can manually unstake your coins without you having given wallet access.

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You are with the scammers