Hello. Need guidance recovering coins from bad address

Can u sent the transaction id.

Coinbase does not support HRC20 tokens or ONE atm, so if you managed to send USDC to coinbase, it is most likely gone, or at least stuck in their wallet.

You can contact Coinbase and they may be able to return them manually but I cannot say for sure.


Thank you Maffaz. I contacted Coinbase and they said that they cannot do anything for USDC tokens sent outside of ETH chain. I will keep looking.

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Sorry to hear that.

They probably could tbh and I hate it when cex say that there is nothing they can do.

It’s probably legal issues or too costly for them.


GM Maffaz, I found a guide to recovering funds through the creation of a new wallet using the private key generated from the derived addresses for that wallet. I am not sure if this solution applies to my situation but I am working my way through the guide and the BIP-39 tool to find out. I am definitely in over my head. :sweat_smile:

How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address - Troubleshooting - Trust Wallet.
BIP39 - Mnemonic Code

I am having trouble finding the derivation path for Harmony One Mainnet (Shard 0). The derivation path for ETH is m/44’/0’/0’/0. The Metamask is originally an ETH wallet so would I just have to change the last number 0 to represent Harmony as a sub-chain? Can anyone point me in the right direction for the derivation path for Harmony?

(btw I use only one Metamask account generated from one seed phrase. I have Harmony, Ethereum, Avalanche, and FTM on this one Metamask account.)


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See here :wink:


Thanks Maffaz. You are a lifesaver. :clap:


No problem… Good luck!

i think i have the same problem i lost my ones sending them to my busd binance address using metamask.
i wana ask did it work. should i have hope in recovering any of my ones ?


They are not lost, they are in the chain. You cannot see them likely because you need to add harmony network.

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This will only work if you have the seed phrase of the destination Wallet. If you sent it to a Coinbase address and they won’t help you, it’s gone for good. Sorry.

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Please share the transaction from the explorer.

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It’s in that wallet on the harmony chain.
If you have access to that wallet (can be on any chain) you have access to them.

If not they are lost forever.

0x7CdB4E49bf8f1a7dC647fA017ed9FC652806f975 this address is my busd bep20 chain address on binance i send one tokens to it using harmony chain on metamask my transaction shows that the are send them from one address to anther one address

my problem is i send my ones to my busd bep20 address in binance using metamask i was on harmony chain so my ones went from one address to anther one address they didn’t go to binance and now the are stuck i talk to binance to see if the can recover them but they told me they were transferred from one account to anther, shouldnt they go to my busd binance address and why they transfered internally not to the address i put. if anyone can help me it would be great just to understand my mistake to help me know if i can recover them or they are lost forever.

  1. Blockchains are totally independent: You tried a transaction from Harmony (HRC20) to BSC[Binance Smart Chain] (BEP20)
  2. Your coins did transfer properly: They are now in the wallet you sent them to on Harmony Harmony Blockchain Explorer
  3. You need a PK to access that wallet. When it’s a wallet managed by Binance, only they could help you by using the PK they use for your wallet on Binance BEP20 to get the funds from the wallet on Harmony.
  4. But ‘not-your-keys-not-your-coins’ rule: Theoretically Binance manages this wallet and they could help you. It’s possible they can’t help you at all, as their support may have no access to PKs for customers. Or it would be too time-consuming and they won’t do it, as it was your mistake in the first place.

Hope that makes it more clear.
Sorry. :frowning:

For the future: Always send small amounts first to check if it works

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my frnd thank you for your time and your effort :pray:

do you mean by (pk) private key ?

Yes, private keys are basically the wallets.

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