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harmony Africa DAO is a great project thank you

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Does Africa DAO have Twitter, Discord, Telegram?



Hey guys! MarsColony is finally on Mainent!

To celebrate it we would like to allocate a NFT piece of MarsColony to Africa DAO, could you please provide us a public wallet and let me know if you would like to receive it :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is the list for more details

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As a matter of fact, we were thinking that we should have some meet-ups in Africa to get people to play!! Thoughts?

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Harmony Africa DAO
Readout from December 4 Meet-Up from Nairobi, Kenya

On December 4 the Harmony Africa DAO organized its first Meet-up in Nairobi. It was attended by 40 people. During the event, our Governors explained both the technical specs as well as the current opportunities offered by Harmony (USD 300 million in all sorts of grants!!!). The meet-up was also a great opportunity for the attendees to network and to start discussing new DAO ideas … as can be seen from the second meet-up, where these were presented!

Twitter Post:


Harmony Africa DAO
Readout from December 21 Presentations from Nairobi, Kenya

The Harmony Africa DAO held its first showcase of African projects for the global community on December 21. The showcase included 8 innovative projects on how to apply blockchain and Web3 platforms across Africa. The event included 32 people in-person at Jenga Leo in Westlands in Nairobi. The event was also broadcast via Zoom Webinar and 48 people from 9 countries watched the showcase including viewers from Kenya, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Spain, United States, UAE, Denmark, Frace, and China.

Following is the video from Jack Chan from Harmony along with presenters from Nairobi and online.

Online Presentation: Harmony Africa DAO - December 21 Presentations - YouTube

Introduction by Jack Chan from Harmony
Kenya Harmony DAO (Presented by George)
Kenya Gender DAO (Presented by Yvonne)
ABYA - Africa Blockchain Youth Ambassadors DAO (Presented by Paul)
AdvanCapital (Presented by David)
Usiku Games (Presented by Jay)
Nifty Row - Tracking African Art (Presented by Bolaji)
Bryt Payroll System (Presented by Anthony)
Harmony Swahili (Presented by Daniel)

Twitter post:


Upcoming activities for the month of January

We have a very busy month planned ahead, with all sorts of activities either kick-off or in the design phase:

1- Gender Meet-up in collaboration with the Gender DAO and other partners, which will take place Friday 14 Jan. Other topic specific DAOs, such as gaming are currently being designed!

2.- Our first Meet-up in Mombassa (12 or 13 Jan).

3-. We have started preparing the developer trainings… so if you want to become a top coder, make sure you follow our telegram account!

4.- We are in conversation with top media outlets to explain our work. Some are asking for interviews, so stay tuned, they’ll be coming out soon!

5.- We are starting to organise our first Gender-themed Hackathon, which will take place on March 8 (International Woman’s day).

Follow our telegram @harmony_africa_dao and for updated information!


Hello DAO! We have put together a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plan that covers how to measure the progress we make on the lines of activities that we have in the DAO: the meetups, the trainings, and the public influence projects. Following this plan and the reporting tools that are within it enables organizers of events associated with the DAO to be sure they are following attainable goals and that we can measure our progress so that at the end of our initiative we have metrics to show how we made a difference.




Let’s get some gaming meet-ups running in various communities!


Hello DAO! It is with great pleasure that we would like to invite you to tomorrow’s “Gender Meet-up” in Nairobi (Friday 6pm at Usiku Games, 6th Fl, Diamond Plaza, Parklands). This event is co-organised by Harmony’s Africa DAO & H.E.R DAO, as well as Polygon.

The objective of the Meetup is to provide a blockchain sneak-peak to the incredibly talented women of Kenya. The Meetup is geared towards devs interested in potentially transitioning to Web 3, talented artists thinking about mining NFTs, those who want to understand how blockchain can create social impact and curious people alike!

Come and listen to some of the most talented blockchain leaders and enjoy some locally catered food! Beautiful t-shirts are also available! During the Meetup we will announce our upcoming developer training and encourage Kenya’s incredibly talented pool of women developers to apply!

Men are also invited to attended but priority will be given to women, particularly when the venue starts filling up… think Positive Masculinity!! Please excuse us if we cannot fit everybody in :frowning:

Special thanks to Usiku Games for making their venue available to us!

Please note that only vaccinated people will be allowed inside the venue!


I love to see this keeping it up at such high level, onwards and upwards!


Hello all… don’t you think we should be organising activities outside of capital cities? … Please stay tuned for our first MOMBASA HARMONY MEET-UP, which will take place next week! :)))))…)

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First Gender Meet-up in Nairobi January 14
Co-organized by Harmony’s Africa DAO, H.E.R. DAO, and Polygon

The first “Gender Meet-up” in Nairobi took place live from Usiku Games on January 14. The event was co-organized by Harmony’s Africa DAO & H.E.R. DAO, and Polygon. This incredible event provided a blockchain sneak-peek to the incredibly talented women of Kenya. The Meetup was geared towards devs interested in potentially transitioning to Web 3, talented artists thinking about mining NFTs, those who wanted to understand how blockchain can create social impact and curious people alike. The event included 150 people in-person at Usiku Games and 61 people from 14 countries watched the showcase online via Zoom Webinar including viewers from Kenya, Nigeria, the United States, India, Indonesia, and Germany.

Speakers included the head of H.E.R. DAO Onallee Star, Tech journalist and crypto author Laura Shin, Sophia Adampour from Verse NFT Gallery, Lilli F from Crypto Manga P2E platform, Muskan Kalra from Polygon, and many more.

The full recording of the event:


The way forward is to look into the future and predictions. Web 3. Well done.


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Hello Community! We are constantly looking for ways to becoming more sustainable. As a first step, we are establishing partnerships on a case-by-case basis with other initiatives, such as H.E.R. DAO, Polygon and Enjinstart! This has allowed us to considerably reduce the cost of our activities -and expand our network- when these had a general purpose that supported Africa n society as a whole, such as our past “gender meet-up” or our “gaming for social impact meet-up” which will take place today (join us! - see above). For example, if we are supporting African dev2s to transition to dev3, the more funding we can get the better (the trainings will, of course, include a strong, specific, Harmony component).

Having said this, we have also done a number of Harmony specific activities to grow our community (with Harmony meet-ups in Nairboi and Mombasa - and the upcoming African community led meet-ups which will be published this week). In this case, activities are 100% funded by our DAO (and we hope other Harmony DAOs in the future).

However, we want to go much further with our sustainability component if we get follow-up funding. This is only the start and we are exploring alternatives such as buying land in Marscolony, staking, etc.

As such, we would welcome initiatives from the community! Please make sure to drop us any ideas that you think are relevant!

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Thanks @ep2338 for the great work , looking forward to to have this hosted in Uganda

@ AhimbisibweBrain we here in Ghana and at Harmony Dao Ghana are learning from you guys, you are inspiration!


Blockchain Gaming in Africa

Wrap-Up Report

Date: January 25

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Africa’s blockchain gaming industry is one the fastest-growing sectors. Web3 brings an increased level of security, transparency, and streamlined trading. You can even earn while you play! The growing interest is evident, making us all eager to learn more from experts in the field. On January 25, Harmony Africa DAO, Polygon, and Usiku Games co-hosted an interactive workshop on gaming development and its contribution to positive social impact. Web2 gaming developers along with curious potential creators attended live and online exploring together the new Web3 environment. Speakers introduced the topics of blockchain, NFTs, decentralized finance (defi), and the metaverse, generating a great deal of buzz and a strong desire to unlock the potential of the technology.

Speakers for the workshop included:

  • Kwasi Kena, CEO of Legends of Mitra at Gem Studios in Ghana and Kenya
  • Steven Bryson-Haynes, VP of Business Development at Polygon Studios NFTs & Gaming
  • Prakash Somosundram, CEO & Co-founder of Enjinstarter, launchpad in Blockchain Gaming and Metaverses
  • Jay Shapiro, CEO of Usiku Games
  • Abhishek Purushotham, Marketing Manager at Harmony.ONE


  • A total of 124 individuals attended the event, 40 on-site at Usiku Games in Nairobi, Kenya, and 84 via live stream from 17 countries around the world. Countries in Africa included Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Rwanda, Tunisia, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, and Côte d’Ivoire.

Livestream Video:
Photos: Media - Google Drive