Free NFT land plot to everyONE organization on Harmony!

Hey Martians, ONE holder, and Harmony contributors!

Mars colony can become a truly decentralized project and organization, if it will be operated by a wide range of different people, organizations, and DAOs with different opinions visions,s, and ideas. We invite every organization from the harmony ecosystem to join MarsColony on behalf of the organization.

NFT Land plot to everyONE organization on Harmony

Everyone organization based on Harmony blockchain or contributed to the harmony ecosystem is eligible to claim a free NFT land plot

Eligible DAOs

Name Status Contact person Link Public Address
Validator DAO Available Validator DAO - Harmony Community Forum
Community DAO Available Incubator DAO - Harmony Community Forum
Developer DAO Available
Incubator DAO Available
Creative DAO Available
Research DAO Available
Liquidity DAO Available
Africa DAO Available
The French Connection DAO Available The French Connection DAO

Eligible communities

Name Status Contact person Link Public Address
Russia Available
Nigeria Available
Kenya Available
Africa Available
Davinci Available
South Asia Available
Hollywood Available
Portugal Available
VietNam Available
Chinese Available Telegram: Contact @harmonycn
Korean Available Telegram: Contact @KoreaHarmony
Indonesian Available Telegram: Contact @harmony_one_indonesia 0x5Fc3ADFdbBF1E106b3585F37Dc1FF478d5bf65b2
India Available Telegram: Contact @harmony_one_India
Brazil Available Telegram: Contact @Harmony_Brazil one1vd4x432tzgcfq0lu6w9dtg3yj89m0xxg36dald
Turkey Available Telegram: Contact @Harmonyturkiye
Spain Available Telegram: Contact @harmony_one_es 0x62b4d01317144044fb49BE74D099587Ce79b5fdE
Srilanka Available Telegram: Contact @Harmony_SL
France Available Telegram: Contact @harmonyone_fr 0x02713CCac3eE0476147f0ad010BC3906738a8878
Philippines Available Telegram: Contact @HarmonyPhilippines

Eligible Individuals

Help us to find individuals that boost adoption of harmony blockchain in the world

If you know an organization / DAO / Individuals that should be on the list but not yet here, do not hesitate, let us know and we will add it asap.


Please is there a link for Nigerians…if there’s none I’d like to create one for you

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Awesome initiative. I’m sure this project will add too much for the Network as whole! For more projects like this, so ONE can go moon!


Hey guys :wave:,

Congrats for launching on mainnet :partying_face:

We just received this email on daVinci DAO and we were wondering if it was sent by you?

Best regards,
daVinci DAO.

Hey @DaVinciDAO I think it was done by @Nikita_live but on our behalf for sure :slight_smile:

We think that we will have a true DAO if it will have representatives in every organization in Harmony ecosystem, so we would like to give one piece of NFT land that will generate voting power for holders.

Let us know what do you think about this idea, or if you have a way how can we do better distribution ?

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Yep, could you submit a request to add your community?

Name / Contract person nickname / how big is community / link to the community

Hi, I just saw one of your team member posting in Harmony VietNam DAO - Funding Proposals / DAOs - Harmony Community Forum
First of all, thank you for your generosity, the Vietnamese community doesn’t have an official DAO yet, but we have an official group on Telegram, I’m not sure if we are eligible for the NFT land plot airdrop or not.

Could you send us:
Name / Contract person nickname / how big is community / link to the community / wallet

You can contact me here or on Telegram by @PHBA2061 or any Telegram admin on our official Telegram channel

Harmony Viet Nam Telegram link: Telegram: Contact @harmonyvn
We have 223 members on Telegram

Harmony Viet Nam Facebook link: Harmony One Viet Nam Community | Facebook
We have 602 members on Facebook

As for the wallet, does it have to be a multisig or a regular wallet is fine ?

@father great idea but most DAO’s using the multi Sig and probably not able to claim.

We have not tested it yet. Be better if you give us a regular wallet.

Hey guys! Thank you, everyone, for the contribution this proposal will be closed today, and here is the list of organizations that supported our idea and accepted the NFT plots! Congratulations :tada: :confetti_ball:

Contact Person Publis address Status
France french_harmony_one 0x02713CCac3eE0476147f0ad010BC3906738a8878
Spain JC 0x62b4d01317144044fb49BE74D099587Ce79b5fdE
Brazil Crypt0 Tech Validator :dolphin::sparkles::brazil: one1vd4x432tzgcfq0lu6w9dtg3yj89m0xxg36dald
India Priyank Gupta one19ra39fpe4cuz73dl8ftqs2e7h47fd7nw8q5nk2
Indonesian Ludi 0x5Fc3ADFdbBF1E106b3585F37Dc1FF478d5bf65b2
Nigeria DAO Symphony.One 0x2572c35b2D94533E789c1bF8efb6d2E2E5d81562
Hollywod DAO dcjanio 0x4b512b23424B16ecC39747B150Ea6eCC7F9D0490
Portugal DAO Harmony_Portugal_DAO one1ajvtq297pvx73w9wac2vyfkxcs2h64vu0q6jrx
Africa DAO ep2338 0x0a42259f66bb6Ed34ceb2fb36de0B52d895c62fB

close today already? If so I would like to claim that for the community DAO and organise a give away for that, or what do you think @Harmonious_Dude @StrongMindsHold @Krypto_Kakashi @Bricktop_One

Also I speak for German Community and Validator DAO but as I wrote above think there is a small issue by using the multi-sig


Can I still submit an address for the Vietnamese community or is it closed already ? :sweat_smile:

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Yep you can submit. Please do

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nice, please send the NFT to this address
0xF75028beeaF95E861400fCa653ef12dD44C18A48 (0x format) one17agz30h2l90gv9qqljn98mcjm4zvrzjgd28f26 (one format)
Thank you on behalf of the Vietnamese community !

ONERuDAO multisig address:


Hey @father :wave:,

Sorry for replying so late. We would be honored to participate and be part of this amazing project. This is our officially daVinci profile and our publicly daVinci DAO wallet.

DaVinci profile: DaVinci

DaVinci wallet: 0xb78db246acdecaa2582a7ba93a46bdb01f2bdf5b

Best regards,
DaVinci DAO.

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Hey folks! The second bunch is confirmed, this is the final. No mo applicants accepted.

ONERUDAO @shestov 0x040C8e6ead51AdCF942935F0f9B4790E3094d9F0
Vietnamese Community @PHBA2061 0xF75028beeaF95E861400fCa653ef12dD44C18A48
CommunityDAO @ben2k_Stakeridoo 0x133763F7d93f2bC4241f9855F71bE5042f020A20
DaVinci @DaVinciDAO 0xb78db246acdecaa2582a7ba93a46bdb01f2bdf5b
ONEverse @ONEverse 0xCe0B4deFC52d9d305A27F8B183171a6A67534461

Meanwhile we do process with the airdrop.


ONEverse / Jay, McFly, or Damp / 700+ / ONEverse / 0xCe0B4deFC52d9d305A27F8B183171a6A67534461

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