AIKON - single sign-on for blockchain

we are exploring a grantee’s proposal to implement ore-id single sign-on, an enterprise ready solution that bridges traditional identities to blockchain identities in a secure and user friendly manner.

apply 7/31
start 8/24
amount $25k
users general: 100M
category crossfi: fiat, payments, identity
:family_woman_woman_girl_boy: emoji :mag:
name aikon
x for y single sign-on for blockchain
1-liner an enterprise ready solution that bridges traditional identities to blockchain identities in a secure and user friendly manner
bio marc blinder, ceo aikon is the fifth startup where marc has been a founder or senior executive. over the years he’s been involved in a range of exits $3 million, $50 million, $400 million and one total failure. most of his career has been spent on saas products, and he’s devoted to building approachable products that people want to use every day. he’s a magna cum laude graduate of princeton university with a degree in politics, and spent five years working on political campaigns before transitioning into tech. tray lewin, cto. tray is an accomplished cto, software developer, architect, and entrepreneur with a delivery and product-focused mindset. he’s founded and led software companies, served as a cto for several successful startups and ran large, distributed, development teams as chief architect and product lead for a large consulting group. he’s also filled the role of global technology strategist for microsoft, and a renowned investment bank on wall street. he holds several engineering degrees and an mba from mit. bill rusitzky, vp business development. bill has built strong businesses at start-ups and billion dollar enterprises, leveraging his engineering, technology and business experience to lead global business development and sales teams. he drives execution and out-of-box thinking that consistently over-delivers on revenue plans, creates executive partnerships, including the world economic forum - davos, media companies - turner, disney- & si/agencies-deloitte, publicis, and new products, one of which won an emmy!
town san francisco, ca
:notes: community :popcorn: jacek
:innocent: angels @AsankaK1
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:pick: validators :link: Chainode Tech
:woman_technologist: eng harmonauts :running_man: leo
:woman_astronaut: biz harmonauts :man_singer: robin
current traction
prior grants / engagements algorand foundation
team size 9
team cost, time commitment 45 hours/week/person
social: telegram, twitter 2k telegram, 3k twitter, 4k facebook
7-day metric targets
active users 10k
retention rate 60%+
assets $100k+
transactions 100k+
volume $10k+
6-week deliverable / milestone targets
1: testnet project plan and timeline
2: demo, ama open source chainjs plugin phase 1
3: docs, blog open source chainjs plugin phase 2
4: mainnet ore id service upgrades
5: users/assets sample app development
6: marketing testing & developer documentation

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I vote yes for this project.

  1. Creating an account with a social account makes it easier for newer people to on board to Harmony and crypto in general.

I know the existing crypto user base may have issues with the cloud storage, but no one will be forcing them to use the service if they aren’t comfortable with it.

  1. The code library would make it easier for devs to create dapps on chain.

  2. The service is already used by more older blockchains with larger user bases. This serves as an opportunity for Harmony to be given exposure to a larger audience and assist in the growth of our overall footprint.

If there is any downside that I am missing, I am happy to consider it.

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I vote for this project, :white_check_mark:
I like the concept single sign on for block chain. Personally I had two user experience in this concept, ontology ont ID , and project iDall . So this may be an opportunity to Harmony . It’s effective and easy to use social media IDs along with same as ONT ID but we have to concern more about data security.
Concept is perfect.