Ports: Bridge MADinArt to Harmony from Cardano

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Proposal overview

We propose the bridging of the entire MADinArt ecosystem to Harmony in a two month process to amplify the value and visibility of the Harmony NFT ecosystem. As part of this effort, we also propose bridging NFTs to Cardano in the future to expand the outreach of Harmony beyond the boundaries of its current capabilities.

Bridging the current MADinArt ecosystem includes:

Super-rare style invite only marketplace with dedicated artist testimonials/profiles.

Education Academy : Teach the “why” of NFTs to bridge physical & digital assets.

Established partnerships with 10.5m social engagement & more

Harmony, as a bridge to all chains, would greatly benefit from taking an active and engaged role in facilitating a unique and universal professional appearance in the NFT space. We propose bridging the full MADinArt experience (including its V2 marketplace) to showcase the full capabilities of the Harmony blockchain as well as its impassioned communities.

Reason for MADinART: They represent the only current applicants with proven success on another chain, with both partnerships and business development experience to scale.

Grant represents the development and implementation of EVM compatible backend services deployed to Harmony Mainnet. This stage also includes the introduction of procured assets and partners on Harmony as on-chain HRC-721/7115 Collectibles…

MADinArt Team:

Jeff Williams (SKIN) - Co founder — Physical Art, Catalyst, Academy

JP — Co founder — Graphic designer, NFT creation

Adam Dean — Blockchain payment solutions

Jay Davies — Stake/Validator pool developer

Jacob — In house co-ordination

Josh Manly — company structure

Dan — Videographer

Sambo — Graphics

Steve — 3D Animation and collectibles

Jonathon — Social media

Ryan Bevington — Financial planning

Holly Birch — Editor and content update supervisor

Kathleen McGinty — Research and Admin

Proposal ask

[Funding amount requested]

$200,000 over 8 weeks

Metrics for success

[Milestones, number of users/transactions]

The data below encompasses statistics for MADinArt covering a seven month period, March 2021 to September 2021:

Active Users Per Drop (source: Cloudflare analytics) (net avg.)

-13,000–15,000 unique

Peak Concurrent Users ( Mohammed Ali / Floyd Mayweather Drop)

- 32,000

Total Revenue ( converted from ADA to USD, price per ADA of $2.00)


The limit to scalability at the moment is the lack of on-chain smart contract interactions and potential roll out issues of Alonzo contracts limiting the number of drops to occur at one time.

Having the support of Harmony in this effort would not only expedite the process for expansion of the MADinArt platform, but boost the adoption of Harmony with a ready to deploy premier NFT marketplace to complement existing marketplaces to showcase premier brands, and partners.

While existing projects are viable as tech demos, the need still exists for a marketplace with business focused individuals who have the drive and capacity to scale projects beyond simple tech demonstrations.

Using existing metrics we can extrapolate a 5–6x increase in concurrent amount of drops deployed over the period referenced due to reduced friction of contract interaction on Harmony

External links

[Project link, demo, whitepaper, video]

Project website : Madinart.io
Project Youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/MADinArt
Twitter : https://twitter.com/MADinArt3


nice one, thanks @Globey.one!


Contributors to this proposal include :

Daniel (RockTheBlockchain) - Harmony Validator, Community Outreach, Reddit Moderator

Colin (OG_Lemurman) - Harmony Community DAO, Charity DAO, Sustainable Development Major UC-Santa Barbara


The MADinArt marketplace shows great promise; the current user experience is polished and their platform showcases premium art pieces created by professional artists. I think their platform and team have the potential to bring a number of benefits to Harmony including an existing, established art community and a high-end marketplace with a v2 interface that looks even more professional than their current design.

I’m excited for the potential to have MADinArt part of the Harmony ecosystem.


Sounds interesting. I like the idea of bridging NFT’s to the Cardano eco system as well for the exposure. They’ll have a lot of users soon and Harmony should be able to grow well along with it.

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@Globey.one and I have been talking to the team from MADinArt for a few weeks. They are a great team. They can bring some high quality artists and users into the NFT network.

Let us know what sort of questions you all have.


Proposal approved! Congrats MAD team.



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I wanted to add some clarity to this funding request.

@Globey.one @RockTheBlockchain @OG_Lemurman and I have all met with the MADinArt team over the past few months. While Globey did a fantastic job laying out the general principles of the project - I feel like we need some additional transparency regarding goals, deliverables, and reasoning behind this particular grant.

To that end - I have prepared the following based on my notes and conversations with the MADinArt team.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the understanding of the requests and goals from my desk. I believe there is sufficient clarity and a sufficient “meeting of the minds” on these points to be able to move forward but I invite comment and discussion on any particular point.

Let me start with the grant framework. From harmony.one/300 - this particular proposal falls under item #4, Ports:

  • 100 Ports ($20M). Recipients of each grant for porting must have achieved product-market fit. Harmony helps scale these thriving projects to our mainnet. We recommend $50-250K each over 4-8 weeks, on projects already with active 10K users, and engaging their teams in public forums. Prime areas of market growths are Play-to-Earn games, musician fan clubs, investment DAOs, portfolio dashboards, and event and collectible curators.

From this language, it is clear that we have a handful of metrics to identify. (a) 10,000+ users. (b) Active community engagement. (c) Fit into: Play2Earn, Fan Club, Investments, Portfolio Dashboard and event and collectible curators.

Make A Difference in Art (MADinArt) is a premiere, curated marketplace that already exists on Cardano.

The MADinArt team - see below for further details - curates artists from around the world. What that means is that they are an “invite only” marketplace with dedicated artists profiles. Their mission is to be a platform by artists, for artists. Due to the limitations they have found on Cardano, they have been limited in the number of NFT drops they are able to offer at one time.

Using Cloudflare analytics for their marketplace, during drops, they have between 13K and 15k active users. Recently, they had an NFT Drop that sold artwork featuring Mohammed Ali and Floyd Mayweather. This drop saw their active users peak at 32,000.

This image shows the traffic on their website during the month of August which - by the way - did not have an active drop. This is representing standard, run-rate visitation.

While this is an approximation of Total Active Users (Cardano’s lack of smart contract functionality here gives us a disservice) we can estimate that their user-base is roughly just over 10K Monthly Active Users (MAU). We can see how they fit under the guidelines for requirement (a).

Active community engagement we can also estimate through their various public channels. While not boasting of a massive social following - the MADinArt team is active on their youtube channel, releasing one video about once a week (see www.youtube.com/c/MADinArt). They have just over 3,500 followers on twitter. Their telegram channel - while small - is actively managed with prizes and community give-aways (Telegram: Contact @madinartofficial). They also are active in Discord (MADinArt Official).

So, while I wouldn’t say that MADinArt has a MASSIVE social footprint, it cannot be denied that they actively engage with their community.

Let’s turn to their grant request and what they would do with the funds.

First, let us address the team.
Founders: Jeff Williams and JP.

Technical Talent Patrick Tobler ( Cardano chain services), Jay Davis (Cardano SPO), Kyle Ellis (Harmony SPO & Dev Consultant), Mark Hall (Head of Development).

Artistic Talent Daniel Redmayne (Content Creator), Samuel Redmayne (Graphic Design and Animation), Steve (3d Animation and Product Design)

Operations Jacob Clay (Cardano Operation Lead), Josh Manley (Company Architecture), , Ryan Bevington (Research and Development) Holly Birch (Content Editor), Kathleen (Research and Admin), Jeremy (Harmony Operations and Social Media Team Lead).

This is not a small one or two man development shop. This is an artistic gallery in the traditional sense. They have built a digital NFT gallery for art collectors and they want to bring that gallery to Harmony.


Stage 1
Goal - Launch MADinArt on Harmony.
Time frame - Weeks 1 through 6
Deliverables –

  • Deploy MADinArt V2 Marketplace on Harmony Testnet
  • Deploy MADinArt V2 Web frontend on Harmony Mainnet with Educational Academy (see above for description)
  • Deploy on-chain minting on Harmony Mainnet (including a fiat payment interface).

NOTE: Stage 1 could slip to 8 weeks due to technical constraints.
Budget: $75,000

Costs in this stage will go primarily to supporting the technical talent responsible for developing the precursor for a Harmony / Cardano interchangeable NFT, deploying the MADinArt v2 marketplace onto testnet and then mainnet. Some budget will also be allocated to deploying the Educational Academy video series.

Stage 2
Goal - Drive Adoption of MADinArt on Harmony
Time frame - Weeks 4 through 8
Deliverables –

  • Social Media and Marketing Campaign announcing the pending launch of MADinArt on Harmony (to include prizes, give-aways, coordination w/ Harmony Community DAO and other Harmony-centric entities to maximize effect.)

Success Metric: Double the size of the MADinArt community during prelaunch. As a token metric: increase twitter followers from 3,500 to 7,000. (Other community metrics should also double).

  • Announce first NFT drop on MADinArt on Harmony. (Amplify message to Cardano community regarding the value of cross-chain NFTs.)

Success Metric: Host an AMA on Harmony Reddit, Telegram and Twitter Spaces in partnership with the Harmony Community DAO.

  • YouTube videos w/ Harmony / MADinArt personalities to further the Education Academy mission.

Success Metric: Post a series of 4 to 6 videos and interviews with either Harmony or Cardano members discussing NFT cross-chain potential. These videos will go up on more channels than just the MADinArt channel.

  • Strategic Partnerships focused on the music and sports industries.

Success Metric: 3 to 5 partnership announcements with 1 to 5 NFT drops.

  • Launch Music NFT Royalties through the strategic partnerships, release curated music NFTs incorporating royalty pass-throughs.

Success Metric: 3 to 5 NFT drops including collaborations between musicians and artists album artwork.

Budget: $75,000
Costs in this stage will primarily be considered “Market Development Funds”. These funds will pay for marketing materials and talent, graphic design and awareness campaigns.

Stage 3
Goal - Cross-chain Functionality Harmony / Cardano
Time frame - Weeks 8 through 12
Deliverables –

With the advent of the Alonzo upgrade and the Plutus Smart Contract capabilities, it is potentially possible for a cross chain NFT exchange to occur between Harmony and Cardano.

Using the experience gained in deploying their platform to both Cardano and Harmony, the MADinArt team will develop a prototype of a cross-chain NFT bridge between the two chains. While this deliverable is not expected to be production grade and fully vetted and tested - it should be a viable Proof-of-Concept.

Budget: $50,000
Costs in this stage will go to the research and development of a cross-chain NFT bridge between Harmony (a solidity chain) and Cardano (a haskell chain).


Very excited for this.

The team at MADinNFT have deployed their NFT marketplace to Harmony Mainnet (see: www.madnfts.io)

With this they have successfully:
(a) deployed MADinNFT to Testnet
(b) deployed MADinNFT to Mainnet
(c) deployed on-chain minting to Harmony Mainnet w/ a Fiat interface.

I am very thrilled to approve a payout for $75,000

Thank you, MADinNFT Team!!!



Thank you so much @Sam and the Harmony Team! Such an amazing time to be building relationships and communities in this space. ONE Team :blue_heart:

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Such an incredible team at harmony who really show support to help the entire eco system and each other


Thank you Sam, it’s been an incredible journey with the Harmony team and great fun getting to know you all. There’s much more to come and we’re so excited to be doing it with you guys!

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funded: Harmony Blockchain Explorer


Nice job MADNFT crew! Happy to see this launch on our struggling NFT ecosystem! Empowering artist and keeping collectors in mind! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Looking forward to our talk next week on Harmony Discord server to recap ETHDenver :blue_heart:

If by any chance you all are feeling nice from the grant funding tranche being sent help @HarmonyCommunityDAO treasury by matching our $500 fund for this event :sunglasses:


Hey buddy thanks for the kind words of support we are really looking forward to really making a difference to this nft eco system

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JP and I were featured as part of the Inevitable World Summit sponsored by SDK and Harmony.

If you have tickets for this online event check out our talk “NFTs in A Multichain Setting”

NFTs in a Multichain Setting - Inevitable World Summit 2022 by Inevitable World Summit

Hello all!

We realize our original thread could use some serious love. Sometimes we get so caught up in building and the Twitterverse, that we forget the core Harmony community sees everything better on the talk.harmony forums.

I have the honor and privilege of updating the Harmony community today in one fell swoop.

Let me start by saying thank you. To the whole core team, every contributor and community member. MAD is able to do what we do because you have all believed in us. Our team works MAD hours to see that our mission is carried forward each and every day. The Harmony community has been with us wholeheartedly and we couldn’t ask for more.

Our mantra is to build as much as we can, and provide as much value as possible before we ever take a dime from the ecosystem. I want to stress that our two co-founders have not only invested their own money to build this platform, but have not taken a paycheck from MAD for the entire first year we have been in operation on Cardano, and now Harmony. In addition, the entire core team at MAD has worked for the minimum wage (or less) for experts in their respective fields.
I mention this for two reasons.

  1. I am incredibly proud to be part of this operation. I have never met a team who will work so hard, for so little, to benefit others. At MAD we say some team members have “bled” for this. The sacrifices I have seen from this team AND our partners at Harmony over the last few months have been awe inspiring. I want to make sure my co-workers have a spotlight shined on them for their massive contributions over the last year. We stepped away from our old jobs and lives for a future that is not promised, but in the spirit of giving others a chance at the blessings we have received through this world’s “geographically lottery”.

  2. I am also incredibly grateful for the ability to work in web3 full time thanks to MAD and Harmony. This isn’t really well known yet, but MAD employees have been working on what is essentially a UBI model usually only seen in DAOs. Without going into too many numbers… working for MAD full time now covers all my day to day living expenses. The founders also considered my region, family structure, and line-for-line personal budget when I made a new salary request. I am able to focus on our mission without worrying about bills taking over my life. Not only does this make it so I can do my absolute best work for MAD, but has inspired loyalty beyond words. I feel heard and respected by my team, and nothing is more liberating than finding work that aligns with your values. I feel there is no limit to what I am willing to give, because MAD and Harmony have always rewarded me appropriately AND accommodated my needs as a single father.

To recap:

MAD started this journey as two wild artists (Jeff and JP) seeking to explore the emerging market of NFTs. This turned into a small team of 3-4 with a mission to show underserved artists how to monetize their creations. Now we stand as one of the strongest teams in web3; with team leaders dedicated to operations, communications, and community. Not to mention around 8 incredible developers who work on fullstack, smart contract, and metaverse development at breakneck speed.

The Launch

MADNFTS.io launched on the Harmony mainnet on March 1st 2022 with the release of our very first drop on the chain, “Rockin’ and Rollin” by our very own Jeff ‘Skin’ Williams.

“SKIN presents his first drop on the harmony blockchain! After several sell-out collections on Cardano, SKIN is launching two of his favourite rock ICONS, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger.”

For the first 14 days of March we released a new NFT drop from a verified MAD artist everyday at 8PM UTC. These initial drops include music, visual art, and more from creators around the globe! This also represented the final testing stage of the platform before opening creator accounts to everyone!

During this time we were able to engage with the Harmony community in many meaningful ways. In addition to AMAs, twitter spaces, and the normal fare we added some great content to both the MADacademy video suite and our YouTube page. This includes both promotional and educational videos focused on the Harmony NFT ecosystem.


Following up from our involvement with DecentralCon MIA last year, we attended three major NFT/crypto focused events.

Prior to launch JP, Jeff, and myself attended ETHDenver. This was an amazing experience with the Harmony team, and the networking opportunities found at this event turned out to be priceless. Our team learned more about DAOs and assisted in the formation of some new ones!

Post launch: Josh and Jeff traveled to ETHRio and ran some of the first in person MAD workshops aimed at onboarding creators. The connections made and stories shared have had a massive impact on us as a team.
JP, Jacob, Taylor, and myself attended NFT LA. We grew even closer with members of the Harmony core team and were able to help spread the joy of decentralization. MAD was also able to progress key discussions with major global players in sports/art/entertainment. More details on those partnerships coming soon.

In addition, we have participated in countless smaller virtual and in person events around the globe. For example, I am getting involved with the ADAO Denver events, and Josh taught an NFT master class virtually for the Gendered Blockchain Hack-a-thon in Nairobi, Kenya.


We showcased our VR NFT gallery at each major event, BUT given the scope of the MADmeta offerings I will add that rest of that information to our separate forum posts on the topic.

The last 6 weeks

Since launch day we have added new features and bug fixes on a consistent basis. We take feedback from all our creators and community members daily to assist with the design and flow of our platform. Here is just a quick overview of features added since launch.

-Randomized NFT sales
-100 free airdrops with email delivery
-Increased number of floors in virtual gallery and accessibility options
-Ambassador Program for onboarding creators
-“Creators” section UI/UX Stage 1 overhaul
-Projects section created for DAOs and charities with ability for MADcreators to donate a portion of sales
-Additional MADacademy videos and improved FAQs

The next 6-8 weeks

We have so much planned and rest assured a MAD team member is up and working somewhere around the globe 24/7!

Here is a list of things were are working on this very minute to improve the MAD platform and the Harmony NFT landscape.

-‘Snag list’ of all bugs, hiccups, errors, and small annoyances on the main site
-Secondary marketplace for listing and purchasing all Harmony NFTs
-Browser based Harmony NFT visualizer
-Stage 2 UI/UX overhaul, includes more social features and web3 ecosystem support (protected by NDA at this time, but sneak peaks coming soon)

New team members:
Andrew C.- Community Manager October 2021
Taylor E. and Team - VR development/MADmeta January 2022
Pikzel - MADmeta Team February 2022

*We protect the identities of many of our coders/developers, including MADmeta, for personal and security reasons. However they are able to come forward/doxx themselves at their own discretion. You’ll likely hear from more of our new devs as time goes on.

In Summary

MAD NFT is making moves! We are working 1-1 with both veterans and new creators around the world to onboard the most passionate builders, dreamers, and thinkers into the Harmony community. I could make a post this length about each and every team member, partner, artist, and event.

We have 185 creators on the platform providing unique NFTs to collectors on Harmony. We are partnering with some amazing and huge INTERNATIONAL ACTS & PERSONALITIES.
In turn we are able to expand our services to more underserved creators at NO UPFRONT COSTS. Our current roadmap for 2022 (update coming soon) includes a MAD token launch, programmable/generative NFTs, and more!

More detailed updates from MAD will follow this post, but I wanted to give a “quick” general update. The rest of the team will chime in soon with some things I undoubtedly missed, and check the MADmeta posts for all the details in the coming days.

Quick resources:


How-to Screen Capture:

Thanks everyone, talk soon.


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