Alien High - Onboarding concert attendees with a free Harmony NFT

Name of Project

Alien High


Application type

Product Launch

What is Alien High?

Alien High is the first web3 native gamified events production company where attendees are rewarded for participating, collaborating, and learning about cryptocurrency culture in a fun and interactive way.

Who am I?

Hello everyone! My name is Jeremiah Allen Welch. I’m the founder of Alien High :alien:, Creative Director and core team at Rug Radio :studio_microphone:, and host multiple shows on the platform dedicated to education and community building.

I originally heard about Harmony at a Bored Ape meetup in San Francisco (Proud Ape :orangutan:) I had a meeting with Vera and learned more about all of the amazing people building on Harmony and I was excited to get involved. I went to a TGI event and met Stephen and the team along with a bunch of friends of Harmony. Everyone was very welcoming and I was invited to join the team at ETH Denver to do a live painting of the 8 apes that Harmony had purchased for the community. During the conference I met so many people involved with Harmony as was so impressed by how excited everyone was to build together and bring more people into the community. I love the Harmony culture and believe I can bring a ton of value with my experience in the arts and entertainment industry as well as my influence in web3.


Starbucks Reward Program for live events


To drive adoption of web3/crypto in the funnest ways possible through activations and education at concerts and live events.

Our Core Values

  • Make onboarding fun
  • Make Web3 rewarding
  • Reward participation in live events, specifically music
  • Educate new users on crypto

Alien High Lean Canvas


  1. Free Mint on Harmony Blockchain:

As we are getting funded by Harmony itself, we do not want the community to come out of pocket to pay for these NFTs. Alien High will create an NFT that’s free to Mint on the Harmony Blockchain. NFTs are expensive and hard to understand to people outside of web3 so our goal is to make the experience of minting an NFT inclusive and fun. By creating a free mint we will allow people from every background to get involved. Since this will be many people’s first NFT they will always remember Harmony as the place they started in Web3.

  1. Live Event Activations:

Alien High will be collaborating with concerts and events to onboard people into Web3 live in person. The Alien High Activation Team (AHAT) will be dressed in branded lab coats so concert attendees know we’re part of a creative experience. Using Oculus headsets we’ll show attendees examples of what the metaverse could look like and walk them through what it takes to set up a crypto wallet, educate them on best practices in web3, and reward them with the free NFT for participating and learning.


We will use the initial 10k Project Y grant in order to fund the initial costs of setting up the free mint on Harmony. Additional cost will come out of pocket or through additional grants and sponsorships

Development of the smart contract $8000

Website Development $5000

3 Oculus Quest 2 256GB and 3 carrying cases $1500

Legal $3000

Contract Audit $1000

Marketing $3000

Total: $21500

This proposal is approved under $10K Project Y, thank you!

Essa + Flu

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Agreed. Approved for Essa + Flu

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