Amity DeFi, a multi-chain discord tip-bot with native Harmony integration

As a response to the different tip-bots scattered throughout communities, all with different intricacies and supported tokens, Amity DeFi was made to be an all-in-one tip bot that works with every token on Harmony.

Amity DeFi has been in development since March of 2021 and is currently in its final Beta version (v5).
Through the bot, you own an entire wallet, compatible with not only Harmony but every Ethereum-compatible network.

You can send, receive, giveaway(rain), and burn any token on the network via. contract address. Additionally, you can view important statistics like contract information, transaction information, addresses, and prices of different coins (via. Coingecko)

– In essence, Amity DeFi is like Metamask, but built ground-up to serve various discord communities.

The bot is already implemented(and frequently used) in popular Harmony communities like Harmony Universe, Harmolecules, ReflectDAO, Pixel Pirates, etc., and is currently on track to fully release (will be scalable to far more communities) within the next few months.

Amity DeFi is capable of sending crypto(ONE in this case) to not only other addresses, but other Amity users aswell:

And can even distribute a large amount of currency among Amity users in a server(giveaways), like this:

If you’re interested in either using Amity in your own server, or using it in others, you can use the following links to access more info about it (do note that it’s still in beta, so it’s prone to being slow at times and potential issues, especially with the current state of the harmony network) Page | Discord Server | Tutorial Video | Gitbook (development info)

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