First Harmony One tip bot <3

Hi everyone! I just implement simple TipBot :robot: for Harmony telegram users (Available in OpenStaking network => to switch Mainet is easy)
Link to bot

How to create wallet, deposit?

  • First time chat with bot, the bot will automatically create harmony wallet for you.
  • Deposit some One coin to paid address.
  • The bot will manage this wallet, allow to tip another

Test group
https :// onetipbot_test

How to use?

  • Add this @onetipbot to your group
  • Reply someone message in a group with struct:
    /tip <amount_One> <from_Shard> <to_Shard>
    Bob answer Alice’s question in a group. To thank, Alice will tip for Bob some One coin. Alice deposit 10 One coin to address @onetipbot generated in Shard0.
    To do that, Alice reply to Bob’s answer in a group, with this struct.
    /tip 10 0 1
    => This will send 10 One from Alice wallet to Bob wallet
    Bob wants to check his balance, he talks with @onetipbot and checks balance.

Created by @Hiro
Validator page:
:heart_eyes: Let’s delegate for me :heart:


This bot now run on Main Net

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So its bot a test token, can it coex with parjar ?(not supporting ONE mainnet but tons of other) We had already whitelisted.

Bot worked with ONE main net token.

alright, I’ll give it a try. thanks!


So now there is a reddit tippingbot for harmony (Altstreetbets), a discord tippingbot (Freyala) and now telegram!

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