Thread: Developer Introductions

hi harmony developers, we’ll use this thread to introduce yourself. as we build an active group of community-led developer captains and shape the developer dao, we would love to get to know you.

you may post:

  1. your bio, may include technical and education background.
  2. your interest in getting involved with the harmony community.
  3. have you built apps on harmony? (share a link)
  4. how would you would like to contribute to the developer community, (optional) including how many hours of engagement you’d like per week.

Howdy! My name is Freya and I love pretty much anything tech-related. So, you can imagine how the vast world of crypto is like an absolute goldmine to me.

I first stumbled across Harmony at the beginning of this year. I quickly found and thought to myself: why the heck is this technology so undervalued?

This inspired me to create my own token on the Harmony blockchain, namely Freyala (XYA). The token can be purchased / traded on ViperSwap, MochiSwap and LootSwap. What I am mostly excited for is introducing CryptIDs — monster collectibles NFTs that can be traded, bought and used in battle with XYA. You can learn more about Freyala here.

I dedicate a few hours every day working on expanding the Freyala ecosystem and interacting with the community.

With new and innovative projects coming out, I think it’s important that we support each other as a community. After all, interoperability is one of Harmony‘s strongest selling points!

Let’s do this thing.


Hey there!

I’m Chris! Many just call me Tail or Tails. I’m Freyala’s lead developer, currently focussing on the foundation together with my co-dev Gydo - I’m a front-end developer by trade (VueJS) but have been head-first into Solidity ever since I followed crypto. My passion for developing games arrived since I first tried C# in Unity3D years and years ago, absolutely fell in love with it. Combining crypto with games has become some what of a dream - passion project.

Ever since I joined Freyala I’ve been working fulltime on the project and never had this much fun working. The community has been amazing and the Harmony development community in general has been helpful every step of the way! Both code-wise and socially. It’s my goal to not just bring Freyala forward, but create one big front against other networks. Together we’re stronger!


Hey fam.

Peter Abilla here - super happy to be working with each of you. Developers are key to helping the protocol grow. This is YOUR protocol and want to see you all take ownership on what needs to be improved, and where to take Harmony next.


Hello everyone,

I’m Rachit from P-OPS team. I work part-time with harmony as an SDE. I specialize in Full-Stack Development and Solidity/Web3 development. Coder since the age of 13.

I joined harmony during October 2020. I came and started working on harmony after I got exposure to this incredible project through their Hackathon. I love the low-fees architecture, with the 1 second finality !!.

Really excited to see the direction the developer community is moving. Let’s make harmony a Ethereum killer together.


Hi there!

I’m Gydo, @Tailchakra’s co-dev! I’ve been a full-time developer for the past 10+ years but I didn’t know much about crypto, or Harmony for that matter, up until a few weeks ago when Chris introduced it to me. Now im spending all my spare time developing al kinds of charts, bots and websites, and I love every minute of it!


Hi everyone! I am Mario and I am from the Netherlands. I don’t have any formal education in programming but I’ve always been dabbling with code. I am mainly a Python dev and I’ve started writing smart contracts this year. My main goal is to master Solidity and JS and continue doing more backend stuff.

I’ve already deployed a couple of telegram bots for Harmony projects and I’m looking into helping the DEXes on the Harmony chain grow.

I am exclusively using and deving on the Harmony chain because I believe in the vision of Dr. Tse and Harmony’s team. The end goal is to make Harmony the place to be for all crypto projects and build bridges with all the other chains: literally and figuratively (business cooperations).

I am definitely not nearly capable enough to be a dev captain but you will surely see me around in the community asking questions that smarter people than me can answer and supporting fellow Harmony community members when possible!

Looking forward to the future of Harmony!


Hello everyone! Glad to be sharing this journey with all of you!

I will start by saying that I’m not a Dev. I have been in communications (mostly networking, with some OS experience) for over 20 years. My skills lie in project management and community engagement. I also have experience creating educational and informative content.

When I first found Harmony in early 2020, I immediately fell in love with both the community and the team. The Community sucked me in, and the Team’s willingness to engage and collect feedback from the community really impressed me.

I have worked with an amazing team of Devs who have collectively turned a concept into the Harmony HUB Information aggregator which is available on both Android and iOS, as well as a website. HTTPS:// is the website. If you navigate there from a mobile device, you will be prompted with links to the mobile stores, as the Apps are designed to accommodate a smaller screen.

Working with the dev community is always a good thing. I know that blockchain tech has empowered a lot of indie developers, who might be great at coding, but not so familiar with marketing, growing a team, or community engagement. I am glad to assist where I can! Feel free to reach out, even if it’s only with a simple question. I’m also happy to have a brainstorming session with any of you on how to market your idea to the community.

I look forward to working with you, and helping to grow the Harmony Ecosystem!


Hello everyone Devon from Florida …

I am self-taught engineer of 20 years I started working with Novell Network years ago and then moved on to a product called Lotus Notes/Domino where I became and Admin/Developer. During that time I also added Java to my toolset which allowed me to build application that integrated Lotus Domino with Enterprise Java applications.

Moving to the present I was one of the early adopters of Cloud technologies I started working with AWS in early 2015 where I moved applications from Vmware to AWS Cloud. I presently work as Multi Cloud Security Architect and Security DevOps engineer.


IBM Certifications
AWS Certifications - Solution Architect,Security Specialty
CCSK - Cloud Security Alliance


How I found Harmony ? Well on tops of staying up to date with all of the new tools in the Cloud and DevOps space I happen to also add Solidity and Blockchain Architect to my resume as I did multiple POCs for Hyperledger Fabric, Burrow and Besu to understand the security gaps from an enterprise perspective.

After doing the POCs I became excited about Blockchain so I started looking for great projects that could counter Ethereum as I don’t believe that one Blockchain would rule the world just like one cloud provider dont additionally the gas prices was crazy to say the least.

I became excited about Harmony after reading the white-paper and testing the main network by sending my own funds and realized that WOW !!! This thing is the real thing :slight_smile:

I was also excited about the Layer 2 aspect and bridging this is what sold me on Harmony.

How can I help

I believe having a strong technical community is key to building any software project today, I think creating an end to end tutorial and playbook would help garner more community adoption so my goal is to learn and create video and written playbooks to help this community grow as I truly believe this project is truly undervalued.

Forgive me for the long post …


Hello Everyone.

My name is Adam. I am located in Europe, Lithuania and natively I am Python Developer.


I am currently Python developer at bioinformatics company. Building bio pipelines and back-end infrastructure to accommodate various genetic analysis algorithms to run through. Our stack is: Python / Flask / Django / Docker / K8s / Postgres / Perl

Education / Skills

The Open University, Edinburgh
Economics and Mathematics

On top of my work stack I also can do some of: SysAdmin, ArchLinux, CI/CD , Bash scripting, Nginx, Redis

Languages: Polish / English


I am fairly new to blockchain ecosystem (6 months). I got introduced by series of videos by Charles Hoskinson and Cardano ecosystem and then I discovered Harmony and stayed here for couple of factors:

  • Dev ready mainnet
  • Multiple Bridges live and in development
  • Friendly and welcoming community
  • It’s still early days and I don’t feel like I missed the boat.
  • Interoperability with ETH, BSC tools / sdks etc.

I have been mostly lurking and experimenting with various things and getting myself familiar with the ecosystem. Learning about fundamentals, web3, dev tools, Solidity, SDKs, interacting with blockchain / smart contracts programmatically.

How can I help

Some things I have in mind so far:

  1. Python SDKs / adoption - Currently Python is THE most popular programming language to learn and from Python Dev perspective first time to interact with blockchain is through SDKs and tools provided by community. I discovered couple of interesting projects that I would want to help to bring to Harmony ecosystem (mostly document and review if there is any changes needed), namely:

    • github/ethereum/
    • github/eth-brownie/brownie
    • github/blockchain-etl/ethereum-etl
  2. Documentation and tutorials - since I have fresh perspective I can write medium posts and tutorials for web2 devs / newcomers. Example ideas for tutorials:

    • How to make transactions programmatically on Harmony
    • How to deploy smart contract using Python tools
    • How to interact with smart contracts programatically, ex. make automatic order on Viperswap at specific time of the day.
    • How to get information about transactions from Harmony blockchain.
  3. CLI wallet for terminal lovers with simple interface and slick output that would utilize RPC endpoint. :slight_smile: I love writing CLI tools! I can package it and release on PIP (Python package ecosystem) and ArchLinux AUR.

    Example interface:
    harmony info - display public address and blockchain info
    harmony balance - check your balance.
    harmony tokens - check token balance.
    harmony send 100 --contact alice - send 100 ONE to saved contact named alice
    harmony send 100 --address one18dk924d00tcj7emp8275axkacujfc35zkjdzwy
    harmony send 100 --contact alice --token $TOKEN_ADDRESS
    harmony receive - copy your public address to clipboard

    I personally use CLI tools on daily basis and prefer anything that I can use from my terminal as very often browser tools are slow and not scriptable. I think this could bring wider adoption amongst geeky UNIX people :slight_smile:

If you like the ideas and you want to collaborate or you can match me with some team let me know. If you have python related bounties I am happy to help too.

Ps. I liked format presented by @devonart so I allowed myself to copy it :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

My name within the community is GlobeyNFT,
actual name is Jeremy, even if you’ll rarely see me addressed that way within the community.

I have been a marketing and sales specialist for regional/national retail brands (specifically in automotive) for a number of years; before falling in love with the Vision of Harmony and the depth of the protocols potential late last year. I have grown from a private fan, to a community leader within DaVinci and a verified artist on the platform.

The love for the micro communities within Harmony, led me to interacting within a number of them, including the ViperSwap community;
of which Jeff was a Community Manager.
(during a cross promotional contest for daVinci.Gallery and ViperSwap)

Jeff is an incredibly accomplished developer, coder, a Community manager for the largest DEX on Harmony; and the Core/sole developer behind TokenJenny.
(not to mention a shoe in candidate for dad of the year).

What started as an idea to create a fun, simple project evolved into a passion project from which TokenJenny was born. One we have worked relentlessly to create, brand, test and bring to mainnet.

Our goal is simple,
to empower & educate the next generation of dreamers, doers and believers in Harmonys technology; with the resources and tools they need to capture that dream.

TokenJenny represents the first iteration of this goal, (but as evidenced in our roadmap) we see the potential for TokenJenny to be a kickstarter for those who may lack the development know how to bring their project to life.

We appreciate the warm welcome to the development community, and look forward to contributing in this arena; as well as receiving helpful feedback to grow all of our projects together.



Hi All,

  1. your bio, may include technical and education background.

Cow (aka Kruger) here! I’m a community validator and web developer/Product Manager by trade, I’m also a standup comedian and run a YouTube channel partially dedicated to ONE called Comics on Crypto.

I mostly code in ReactJS/NodeJS, PHP and Python, but learning solidity now.

I have a computer science degree and love eating taco bell.

  1. your interest in getting involved with the harmony community.
    Anything I can do! I’m all about Harmony.

  2. have you built apps on harmony? (share a link)
    I am building one now, almost ready for beta! I will update with link when it’s ready in a few days.

  3. how would you would like to contribute to the developer community, (optional) including how many hours of engagement you’d like per week.
    I have bandwidth for 5-10 hours a week probably.


Hello, Harmonauts!

My name is Aaron, and I’m a software engineer currently working for an insurance company branch startup. I develop in react, node, PHP, and python. Outside of work, I love to rock climb hard, bike and rollerskate, BBQ anything, and invest in more personal revenue streams (Harmony ONE is a main interest).

I’m really interested in Harmony ONE because of the opportunity it provides as a technology base for trading. I want to help improve the ecosystem of tools and analytics for people to use. Anything that provides utility to our community is of my main interest.

I haven’t built any apps just yet, but I have been gathering resources to build the gamut of cryptocurrency technology. I am also giving talks on a cadence within my employer’s work channels to spread the knowledge about ONE around. Once I gather enough resources, I’m hoping to start a validator as well. One thing at a time right now. :slight_smile:

I’m looking to devote 10-15 hours per week and maybe more on weekends for hackathons. I would love to team up with the group to learn more and get some apps out. I think I have many good resources to jump-start projects into a place that we can get into users’ hands quickly. Looking forward to spreading knowledge and making some excellent tools!


Hi everybody,

my name is Severin, I’m a Software Engineer from Germany. I got a Master’s Degree in Computer
Science and I am working as a Developer since 3 years. I’m a Full Stack developer and I am always excited about new technologies. Working mainly with Vue, Javascript and Node, but I have also good experience in C# and Unity3d. I also worked with Python, Java and C(++).

Since my teenage years I’m interested in Graphic Design and therefore I’m a quite decent designer.


I was aware of the Cryptocurrency Space since around 2012 and also ‘started’ to mine Bitcoin for like 10 minutes (I think the program didn’t even work :smiley: ). But I was not convinced with the technology and forgot about it.

Then for a long time the topic popped up shortly and I forgot about it. I never took a deep-dive into etherum, as I (falsly) assumed it was just a Bitcoin clone.

At the start of this year I wanted to deep-dive into machine-learning and AI and was looking for a real world use-case for such a program. I wanted to create a Trading-Bot and because Crypto is way more acessible than the stock markets, it was a logical choice.

But then I got hooked by the technology of the 3rd gen Cryptocrrencies.
And here I am. I really like the approach harmony is taking to “bringing the best research to market”
beeing a ‘silent leader’ in many regards. The community is awesome and I really like the developer ‘on-boarding’ you guys are doing lately.

How I want to get involved

I’m still learning the harmony toolkit and I take part in the Gitcoin bounties.
Im already planing to create a simple DApp, but not anytime soon.

Working part-time and beeing a part-time freelancer my time is quite limited and I’ll
use 0-16h a week to engage with harmony. Shifting some freelancer work towards harmony.

Was nice meeting you all yesterday and I’m looking forward for the next meetings.
Have a good week!



My name is Lucio. I am located in Argentina.

I am currently a full stack developer, i have done things on Angular mainly , Nodejs, Django, working mainly on health care based solutions for the last 4 years. My strong point is front end developing mainly with Angular trying to migrate to React and playing with React Native.

UCEL (University) Software Engineering

Since last year i have been doing research on blockchain and crypto in general, since we have to stay on top of tech when you are a dev, and trying to find ways to integrate blockchain to our daily work.
I tried to look for a cheap and fast blockchain and thats how i got into harmony (since in our country we cannot expend too much money into security and integrity of data).
Since my knowledge is still too young the way im trying to help is researching ways on how to build front ends that display and interact with blockchain data, was playing a couple of days with the graph. (Usually i invest 15 hs a week into blockchain research)
Hope one day i could help with tutorials on front end solutions based on blockchains


Hi everyone.

I’m pretty new to the world of Harmony but been dabbling in cryptocurrency trading since the beginning of 2017. I’ve never dived into the development that goes on behind the scenes, but recently, I’ve taken a liking! My background consists of games programming (Unity → C#), but most recently I have been working as a pentester, hacking companies around the world to help identify vulnerabilities and risks before an attacker does. This has given me an amazing insight to a huge range of technologies and see the development life cycle from a completely different perspective.

My true ambition however lies in developing and building cool technologies. Focusing primarily on Harmony as my target platform, I have been learning Solidity tracking my daily progression on my pages blog: Although only 10 days in, I am truly enjoying the language and developing smart contracts - hopefully I’ll get to work on something in the future with a goal of being public!

Take it easy everyone o/


Hi, Devs,

This is Leo from the Harmony team. I am managing all the services and infrastructure of Harmony blockchain. Good to meet you guys here, and welcome to Harmony ecosystem.

Feel free to checkout our bounties, Issues · harmony-one/bounties · GitHub


Hi Everyone,

1. your bio, may include technical and education background.

I’m Dan and my background is in consultancy, training and software development for Microsoft business solutions. Specifically ERP implementation and mainly in the retail sector.

I have a degree in software engineering from the Open University.

2. your interest in getting involved with the harmony community.

I’m completely hooked on blockchain tech at the moment and am just trying to soak up as much information as possible!

I already have a Harmony validator (DK Validator) up and running and I’m now looking to learn about smart contract / Defi development. So just started going through some solidity tutorials to learn the basics.

The tech looks great and the community looks great so just looking to see where I fit in right now.

3. have you built apps on harmony? (share a link)

Still early days for me!

4. how would you would like to contribute to the developer community, (optional) including how many hours of engagement you’d like per week.

I like writing technical blogs (I have one for my day job) so I was thinking I could get involved by blogging what I learn about on Harmony development. I can probably fit in two to three hours a week.

All the best!


That is a great idea …

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Hi all,

Bucky here. It’s great to see all of the interest and “meet” everyone!

Mini Bio
I’m an electrical engineer turned software engineer - the software piece being largely self-taught. I’m a full-stack JavaScript expert with DevOps / Linux chops. I spent the initial part of my software career writing automated test code for audio / RF circuits, so automation and reliability is important to me.

I work for a fairly large “legacy” finance firm as a managing architect but have much more conviction in the future of blockchain.

Interest in Harmony
The potential for finance built atop smart contracts is obviously massive. There was no way (in my opinion) that I could build an application on Ethereum that would meet consumer expectations (speed, cost). So I went searching and found Harmony.

I have also been really impressed with the team and validator community.

Built apps on harmony?
Not yet! That said, I’ve familiarized myself with the JavaScript SDK and feel like there’s an unblocked path forward. It all makes sense and is well documented (imo) – it’s more of a free time thing for me at the moment.

How would I like to contribute?
I’d like to help make a consumer-facing application that’s truly one of the first blockchain app “household names” for consumers that know little to nothing about blockchain. As a validator, you get really valuable feedback about where the confusion points are for people wanting to invest.

I hope to contribute 5-10 hours per week, but we’ll see.

I have a particularly chatty 5 year old son. Tossing around the idea of having him explain cryptocurrency with easily digestible kid analogies as part of a “5 year-old’s guide to cryptocurrency” (or something of the like) :grin: