Nikolai Perevozchikov Intro


My name is Nikolai Perevozchikov, I’m currently a Sr Backend Engineer in a GameDev company (mobile games), my experience in building backends is about 7 years. Recently I started to contribute in open-source blockchain projects (specifically Ontology and NKN, for now) in my free time. Hope I’ll get the chance to contribute to Harmony too (in different ways).


I have interest in cryptography, decentralization, consensus algorithms, basically core tech ingredients of blockchain.

Excited to be early participant of this great project and community!


Hey @insider!

We’re thrilled to have a senior backend engineer such as yourself! Especially one with experience in mobile games! We think gaming could be one of the first areas to drive mainstream blockchain adoption. We even partnered the mobile gaming company Animoca Brands for that very reason. We’d love to discuss blockchain gaming with you if you have any ideas!

Beyond applications, your interest in the core technology of blockchain is awesome. That’s what we’re obsessed with too and we’d love to explain our approach and learn from you. Is there anything about our protocol that you’re interested in learning about or a particular piece of the protocol you would want to work on? It would be exciting to get you on board! This post on our distributed randomness generation might be a good place to start.

Anyways, welcome to Harmony. We couldn’t be happier to have you! :smile: