Hi! I'm Toni šŸ‘‹(Here is my introduction)

Hello everyone!

I stumbled upon this brilliant project in early 2020.

Iā€™m a software developer with a good experience, mostly focused on frontend side of things, but I also have backend experience as well.

I understand that we are about to step into the financial revolution and technology like Harmonyprotocol seems to be one of the very few cryptocurrencies addressing the major concerns about taking this huge leap.

With a great team and an amazing technology, it is inevitable that the future is indeed bright and we are close to making that turn that will change the world for good.

I am interested in contributing my skills and talent to this community and global movement towards financial freedom and decentralization in the way that I can.



hi tony, would be great to get to know you - would you be interested in filling our https://harmony.one/dev-captain form so that we can get to know you?

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Hi @lij. I have filled the form previously, but I can do so again if needed.

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