Anttu from Siptune, Finland


Greetings from chilly Finland,

The summer should be coming, but it is +1 C here… :frowning:

I would like to introduce myself too. I am Anttu, an entrepreneur in importing mobile networks gear, mainly antenna products. I am a Linux and crypto hobbyist, so I a love running different network nodes. I have set up two Harmony nodes only today, but I have had several nodes in other networks like Harmony’s partner NKN since the summer of 2018. (In NKN testnet I have currently 90 nodes humming. Also the Finnish translation of NKN explorer and dashboard is from me.) In addition to masternodes I have a four-GPU mining rig heating our laundry room in the cellar. (My very-non-tech wife is told to monitor its status when filling the washing machine. :smile: She is told to report me if Afterburner shows temperature below 50 C.)

Having Nokia background, mobile networks have been my point of interest for years. I love to milk the best speeds out of the cellular networks with top class antennas and modems/routers. Currently we are having pretty speedy LTE networks here in Finland, and commercial 5G is to be launched in June 2019. I am looking forward to testing blockchain nodes’ performance in 5G network.

Harmony project, team and community seems great, so I am looking forward to participating in Harmony’s interstellar take off. May the Force be with you!

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A warm welcome to you @anttu in chilly Finland! One of our community and marketing team members is from Denmark, not too far from you. Hope the summer comes soon!

You have such an incredible background, very relevant to Harmony in fact. One of our major focuses on the technical side is on optimizing the networking layer of our protocol. I think you and our team member Eugene (our networking guru) would have a lot to talk about. You can be our networking guru for Europe!

Would you like to run a node in our network with stake? If so, we’d love to have you join our foundational node program. We’ll be closing it soon, so nows a good time to do it!

We’ve also been doing lots of translations recently, so if you want to do some in Finnish that would be awesome! Please get in touch with us on discord if you haven’t already and join the nodes channel



Thanks Nick for the warm elcoming!

Foundational pertnership would be really cool, but unfortunately the stake of $10k is beyond my reach. Even though I am happy to run stakeless nodes maybe collecting drops some day as well.

I am really far from guru, but eager to learn I am. From translation work I have quite bit of experience, so feel free to ask if you need help.

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“eager to learn I am” hahaha you will fit right in!

Feel free to ask any networking questions or general questions to the team here or in our discord :slight_smile:

Join our testnet and we’ll find some way to get you involved!


I have two nodes set up already. The one on VPS is happily running, but the laptop node is still coughing. My help request is pending in Discord #nodes