[ANY]DAO tokens for #SocialCredit

I have been in communication with governor members of the
@HarmonyValidatorDAO @HarmonyCommunityDAO @harmony_dev_dao

A set of shared problems have arose around a similar topic:
Social Credit.

For stand out Community members.
For helpful/ride-or-die Validator operators.
For above and beyond ecosystem Developers.

This idea began from speaking with the community via the @HarmonyCommunityDAO #governance:community 's weekly #TwitterSpaces about getting more community members to share their voice on https://Talk.Harmony.one and with https://Gov.Harmony.one elections.
Is there a plan to create incentives for Community DAO? - #39 by FRATE
This led to the idea of offering a kind of DAO token to give out to people.

This led to a realization that 1. It is problematic to get 5/9 governors to sign w/ our multisig on a daily basis and 2. currently supported DAO tooling protocols don’t seem ready to make things easier to do the simple stuff.

Also (3), it’s easy to create a token and give it to people, but once that token needs to be used for something, or issued in a way that’s governor-ed by things like elections, it becomes more tricky to maintain; “Who originally minted the token? Do we want to force people to remint a new token? How do we control supply/issuance?”


We want to be able to issue DAO tokens to governors on a regular basis, we want to be able to give the issuance of tokens to the currently elected governors, and the ability to airdrop them to lists of addresses (as in when there are elections), and avoid having governors be required to sign a multisig transaction every time someone does something nice in the ecosystem.

It then became clear that other Harmony Ecosystem DAOs could use this functionality.

The #governance:developer-dao DEV DAO can use it to identify helpful/volunteer developers in the ecosystem and eventually for identifying ideal candidates for the many job postings.

These tokens can then be used by developers to for apply for DAO Governor roles or gain trust from members of the ecosystem community.

The #governance:validator Validator DAO can use it to identify which validators are showing up for votes, which validators are updating their nodes in some amount of time, which validators are responding the “Emergency Response” Email testing (for being ready if there’s ever a network issue), which validators are in the social spaces responding to delegates and generally making the ecosystem thrive.

These tokens can then be seen by delegators so that anyone who wants to see who is showing up for the stability of the network, in a somewhat-unbiased manner; ie, not JUST whom the governors recognize.

For the Harmony Community DAO, the use for these tokens requires some amount of leg work because they’re not to be used for voting nor intended to become more valuable over time; so there will be an addition need for the community DAO to work with community members, and seek to cross-promote new projects by offering Raffles, NFTs and other ecosystem tokens in exchange for CDAO tokens. So that the community members are ultimately rewarded for their efforts.

SO… that was a bit long winded.

BUT tl;dr-


The DEV DAO is debating if we should create a contract and a few tokens to attempt to solve this problem!

Basically, a DAO-Owner Token, a DAO-Governor Token, and a DAO-Token.

We’ll have to create a simple UI to interact with the contract but it could be done via IPFS so it doesn’t have to be hosted by anyone.

  1. Any DAO multsig could receive a DAO-Owner token from the DEV DAO.

  2. These DAO-Owner tokens would allow that DAO access to a faucet to mint a custom DAO-governor tokens, these DAO-governor tokens would only work until a set block time, editable by that DAO.

  3. These DAO-governor tokens would allow that governor access to a faucet to mint custom DAO tokens, each DAO-governor token would only be allowed to mint a certain amount of DAO tokens, editable by that DAO.

  4. These DAO tokens would be a standard HRC20/ERC20 token and should be usable by any DAO Tooling protocols like snapshot.org

I’m talking with the DEV DAO governors now to consider building a simple version of this DAO token contract for ourselves and would like very much to apply the same concept to our fellow Ecosystem DAOs.

I thought this would be a good/simple opportunity for the separate DAOs to practice applying bounties, voting and collaboration with each other.

If this is something any DAO governor would like to hear more about, please reply below.

The more support we receive for this project, the more likely the DEV DAO governors will be able to approve spending on bringing this concept to life.


@eddnorris , if this would be an NFT hrc1155 standart , this tool could bring more diversity in this categorization. Would it be easier if we try testing on daVinci.gallery with NFTs and similar mechanics you mentioned? I ask because from development view you know better, and I just have a user feeling :wink::pray::blue_heart:
@DaVinciDAO ,interesting topic guys :fire:
@nickv , similar topic was touched in some discussions among ONERuDAO - maybe makes sense to cooperate on this :thinking:


Unfortunately we haven’t seen much feedback from the community or other DAOs ( (Thank you FRATE + tagging the @HarmonyCommunityDAO or @HarmonyValidatorDAO for comment ) but I still think this would be a good option for at least the DEV DAO to fund via a bounty.

As the problem we’re aiming to solve is to INCREASE community involvement (:rooster: | :egg: ), not receiving community involvement on the subject is to be somewhat expected.

The goal is that this initiative is to increase participation in DAO tooling options, such as coordinape and aragon, because they require people to show up and use those tooling options for them to become ultimately useful.

While participation is still quite challenging for governance, if we can issue tokens without as much registration and bureaucracy, we may be able to incentivize bringing more people into these DAO tooling options via a simple token reward/issuance.

I am asking that the community & DEV DAO Governors @Severin @BooneBergsma @coinFan @BoGani.net @schwab16 @BRUNO @Kruger @harjas27 vote to indicate if funds should be allocated to create the required contracts and a simple interface to issue the tokens as outlined above.

I believe this would probably be best done as a bounty, so that we can put this work out into the ecosystem and since we’re still unclear on how funding bounties, I believe we should attempt to fund this from the DAO treasury.

We’re currently we’re still waiting to receive funding for the harmony_dev_dao in order for the DEV DAO to persist, but if we receive funding, I believe this would be a valuable use of those funds ( Developer DAO Funding Request - #8 by harmony_dev_dao )

Thank you!

  • YES, Allocate funds from the DEV DAO treasury to create a bounty aimed to streamline & increase/reward community involvement ecosystem wide via an [ANY]DAO Token standard.
  • NO, Do not allocate funds from the DEV DAO treasury to create a bounty aimed to streamline & increase/reward community involvement ecosystem wide via an [ANY]DAO Token standard.
  • NEITHER, Request funds from the Harmony CORE TEAM to create a bounty aimed to streamline & increase/reward community involvement ecosystem wide via an [ANY]DAO Token standard.
  • NEITHER, Do NOT create a bounty aimed to streamline & increase/reward community involvement ecosystem wide via an [ANY]DAO Token standard.

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@ben2k_Stakeridoo Here is a proposal I drafted last year to try to create a standard for DAO Tokens, not sure if it could help with the work being done on the basic dao but thought I would offer it as a resource.

Hey Edd thanks and I remember this. I send you a DM on this topic when i saw it. I was asking if for a standard DAO token not just a platform like Aragon could be used? Those have various options for a DAO token.
Why I have in mind for the Community DAO is not “just” a token. It’s a HRC721 NFT where you need to identify yourself with your social media accounts (discord, Twitter and maybe telegram). Also this NFT Badge is not tradable to avoid any speculation or governance flash loan attacks.

When this was being suggested, Aragon was not viable as a Token deployment platform.

I haven’t checked with it lately but this was meant to keep our DAOs unbound from any one tooling.

By creating a tiered standard of NFTs which can be overseen by governors, but ultimately controlled by the DAOs they represent.

That was my point for aiming to define a new NFT framework for oversight independent of DAO toolings.

Allowing for an NFT Type (DAO held ) Minting another NFT Type (Governor held) minting another NFT type ( Community Held, ERC20/non-transferable if wanted) that we could build up to be something primarily “usable” and as more and more DAO tooling comes along, it would only become better.
We could choose to plug in our tokens into new services as they come online, and try to make use of the newest and best DAO Tooling.

Rather than depending on the ever expanding and seemingly endlessly “in-development” standards being mulled about by different DAO Tooling trials from Coordinape to Aragon…

I don’t honestly think it’s viable to have to train anyone to use custom software in order to achieve proper governance…

People are very easily persuaded from participating in oversight.

So the idea was to outline a new NFT standard that would be DAO Tooling independent.

Ideally that we could just bring to Snapshot.org or a basic voting system, and also bring to the best and easiest to use DAO tooling on the market.

Aragon is available since last November and as a framework DAO tool you could also create token. Check the Stake token :smiley:

But yes I agree a specific NFT Framework for DAO badge’s would be needed, a easy no code solution. And I dind’t find something so far. Not sure about a tiered one but I like that idea and was thinking ealier about but may for this it’s bit to early?

Snapshot support HRC721 strategies aswell as POAP :wink: and yeah the framework need to build independent, also with guild.xyz we have a tool to protect Discord channels with a HRC721 Guild.xyz grant application

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